Divino should bag on ebay bid up to $1,200. WOW

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  1. #1 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    There is a white Leather Divino shoulder bag (new) listed on e-bay which currently has bid over $1,200.00. I'm more than impressed with how high the bidding has gotten. Can anyone tell me if this particular bag is hard to come by? Perhaps a collector's item? I might sell my stock and start investing in Treesje.
  2. Wow! That is insane! I didn't know any Treesje bags ever retailed for that much??? Is it just because it is rare or did it retail for that amount??
  3. Oh WOW...the BIN on that bag is only USD262.
  4. That bidding history looks like classic shill bidding too... :weird: And that bag definitely did not retail for anywhere near that high!!
  5. Something doesn't sound right with that. Especially if there's a BIN of $262....
  6. Looks like shill bidding, why would this seller even want to pay the fv fees on this? Ridiculous!
  7. I've seen this seller around. I bet it is none of their doing. Just children playing games. It's such a waste of an auction. No one is going to pay and they will have to relist.
  8. That is so dumb. People are unreal. I just looked at the bids and that does look fishy.
  9. Absolutely crazy...I kind of feel bad for the seller cuz you know it is going to be relisted!
  10. I'm going to have to keep an eye on the seller's "left" feedback and see if anything is given for this transaction. Can you imagine if he/she actually gets paid 1280 for this bag??? LOL

    And a new White Divino was just listed by another seller. I bet this seller thinks she has some mysterious Goldmine on her hands.
  11. I had that bag in my watched items list and was planning to bid on it, and when I looked again it was up over $1100! :amazed: I definitely wasn't planning on paying anywhere near that amount, and couldn't believe anyone else would. I think you're probably right about the bidding not being real, and I may watch to see if it's relisted. What a PITA for the seller!
  12. Yeah, I feel bad for the seller. Why would someone do that though? I don't agree, but I can see why a seller would have a friend put fake bids in, but what reason would someone else have to do this? Just to mess w/ someone?
  13. If that was me, I usually keep track of people bidding on it and I'd retract their bids...Ive had that happen alot...usually by nigerians who try to scam it...it's dumb and a waste of time and money because we pay to list it all over again!