1. The official BV name is "Catena Veneta". I just call it the chain detail hobo. It comes in white also. It is stunning, isn't it?
  2. :love: it's delish i just saw it in white... mmmm

  3. You need one, don't you, VB?:graucho: hehe
  4. omg hehe don't tempt me ;)
  5. so i'll just be over here DREAMING about that bag, cuz i'll never afford that at this point in my life YEESH lol...

    my current goal is a medium/large sized kooba... THAT is almost out of my price range, so for now, i'll just have to :drool: @ the BV *sigh*
  6. Hope you get your Kooba! We're just trying to help, VB.:devil: