Divide and conquer?

  1. We really need to split us up by geographical location - and when there are a crap-load of MJ bags released to NMLC or NR we should report for our areas. Sometimes I have to call Alaska to get things LOL!!

    Any ideas how we could make this work?
  2. I've been thinking about this too!! Great minds think alike. LOL!:p

    I'm not sure how it could work but I'd be happy to be a part of it. I'm going to 2 NMLC & 1 Off-5th tomorrow and will report back tomorrow night what I see.
  3. There is only one Off-5th near me, but I'd be happy to cover a region via phone. Count me in!
  4. I'd be glad to report on the selection at the NR, NMLC, and Off 5th near Denver.
  5. The only accessible NR is Glendale, CA for me! Sometimes I can go to the one in LA but not consistently.....
  6. I'll be going to NMLC and Off 5th in Milpitas CA tomorrow...I'll be happy to report what I see and if I can remember to bring my camera so I could post some pix.
  7. Photos would be awesome! Sometimes, even, the sales associates will email photos. Those of us who ask for and receive them should post them as well.
  8. I can usually hit the NR in Sacramento and the Off 5th in Folsom every week or so.
    Seems rare when they have MJ but I report it!