Divide and Conquer Organizer in a Glam Tote - PIC HEAVY

  1. Mossgirl84: Here's a strawberry nail art idea that you might like:smile:

  2. Too cute!
  3. Ooh thanks for sharing! I've heard about these things but never seen 'modeling' pics. This would probably be great for my large Alexandra...she holds a ton but things get lost inside.

    Does anyone know if the organizer is heavy on its own? Don't want to add too much weight to my already large bag!
  4. I love that! I've had a hard time finding a nail tech who can do a good design and I am not talented enough to do one on my own! I want to do one like this with watermelon too. I love fruity designs!
  5. They are SO not heavy! They are made of stiff, lightweight fabric. :smile:
  6. You'll love it!
  7. Thank you!:biggrin:
  8. Great!! And thanks for taking the time to post your pics. Wish I found it earlier 'cuz I'm going on a trip soon with my Alexandra... For my next trip this thing's gonna be a lifesaver!! No more rummaging around at busy airports!
  9. You are so welcome! Let us know how yours looks!
  10. Oh boo!! I just found out she doesn't ship internationally... :sad:

    Guess I'll need to find another seller who does something similar...a bit nervous though because there aren't as many reviews on other organizers!!
  11. I have been using a Purse to Go organizer in my glam tote for a while now and I love it! Found it on eBay. I purchased the jumbo size in khaki! HTH
  12. Very nice!! I love how everything is well organized!
  13. I bought one over a year ago for my Alexandra and I couldn't do without it! No more floppy black hole:smile:
  14. I can't do nail art either:sad: I'm okay doing it with my right hand, but I can't do it with my left. So the nails on my left land look great but the other hand...? Hehe. I want to try watermelon ones too! Sooo cute!
  15. Thanks!! :biggrin: I've been nosing around on Etsy and found the Purse2Go you mentioned...good to know that it's worked well for you. There's also another brand/store called Obuyme. Will check them both out and post 'in action' pics when I get one!