Diversity !!!

  1. After twenty or so years of collecting Louis Vuitton handbags, I decided that I would diversify my tastes into something else. A crystal ball told me that Hermes was in the future and by gosh they were right. Its a baby step to see how well it fits. Ladies please give me your opinion on the wallet please. The sales lady said if I couldn't handle the orange wallet she would exchange it for another color. I am on the fence about it. This is all so very new to me.....

  2. Gorgeous wallet.

    Gorgeous Garden Party.

    I think nobody does orange better than Hermes. It goes with lots more than I'd ever expected, and I never, ever get tired of it.

    Congrats on some great H diversification!

    Thanks for the great pics, too.
  3. OMG everything is STUNNING! i am so jealous! that bag and twilly are seriously tdf! congrats on everything. we won't tell LV. lol
  4. OMG!!! You did GREAT!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Both items are wonderful, AMAMXR! I think you scored on the GP for sure.....they're out of them in my neck of the woods!!!!!
  5. love 'em!!!!
  6. It's so beautiful!! I absolutely LOVE the color! Congrats!

    Sorry I couldn't be there with you today!!
  7. FABULOUS !!
  8. Gorgeous! The orange wallet is TDF. Bag/wallet combo-excellent!
  9. Yikes...I expected just a wallet!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Congratulations!!!
  10. I LOVE the color! What a great start on your Hermes collection! Your garden party is lovely too!
  11. congrats for the lovely bag and wallet!
  12. I think they are both beautiful and go great together. You will love orange more each day.
  13. Ohh Myyy gooosh!! What a lovely combo!! Doesn't it feel a bit great to diversify??!! Welcome to the dark side of Hermes orange - I love it! I have an orange agenda and love the flash of color - sometimes it's easier to do color in something like a wallet vs. a bag. I love the GP! Enjoy...
  14. gorgeous bag! :heart:
    gorgeous wallet! :heart:
    gorgeous twilly! :heart:
    gorgeous color combos! :heart:

    great pics of your diversity! :yes:

    you're in the right forum now! :drool:
  15. LOVE them ALL!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: