Divergent film - 3/21

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  1. Has anyone read the Divergent series?

    Are you looking forward to see the movie (like me!)?

    PS: I am inlove with Theo James :love:
  2. I have not read the series, but I'm putting it on my Kindle list...
  3. I read the series and I loved it! I am looking forward to the movie!
  4. me too! I think I am almost finished with Insurgent, and will try to finish this weekend :smile:

    I saw the sneak peak on the Catching Fire Blu-ray and I think the cast is great. I'm not really a fan of Shailene but I think she is a good choice for Tris cast.
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    Oh wow! You didn't read the third (Allegiant) yet? I loved this series! Insurgent is my favorite book out of the three.

    I had no idea there is a sneak peak in catching fire! Very cool! I liked the Divergent series more than the Hunger Games series. I don't like Shailene either. I think she looks too young for the role.
  6. I read them, but allegiant ruined the entire series for me. I couldn't even finish it. The movie has a good cast so ill prob catch it on netflix or dl it.
  7. I want to see this, but I don't like Shailene and I don't think she's a good actress, so that puts a damper on it.
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    Did anyone see it? Was it good? Seems to be getting mediocre reviews. And Shailene is so terrible she makes me not want to see it.
  9. The guy in the poster is Mr. Pamuk for all you all you Downton Abbey fans. The one Lady Mary had the bedroom dalliance with
  10. I haven't seen the movie. When I heard Shailene was cast as Tris my interest went in the toilet. The books were good, but I haven't gotten around to reading Insurgent yet. I heard the movie didn't follow the book very well, and that some of the acting was laughably horrible ala Twilight.

    Also anyone who likes Hunger Games/Divergent, another couple great series is Partials (last book just came out, I haven't read it yet) and The Maze Runner. I heard TMR is supposed to come out as a movie, but the trailer didn't look so great.
  11. My daughter purchased/read the book so she was excited to see it. She went yesterday and said it was really good.
  12. I saw the movie on Friday and thought it was pretty good. I do not have high expectations but I enjoyed it. Yes, they changed some parts and left some but I think it was good overall. I'm glad it did not sucked like Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures so I am looking forward to Insurgent. :smile:

    Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I am not a fan of Shailene and she did not earn me as one after watching the film lol. But, I think she did a decent job as Tris and what I felt kinda weird was Ansel Elgort was casted as Caleb (her brother in the firlm) yet, they have a movie in the next few months as bf/gf in The Fault In Our Stars. I haven't seen The Spectacular Now and I'm sure I'd feel the same weirdness since she is paired with Miles Teller (one of the antagonist in Divergent)..
  13. What do you think of the movie divergent?

    For me, well i think its good despite a lot of changes they did...i noticed a lot of difference from the book to the movie..but i guess this is expected to movies like this...i wish though that they could make one exactly as what was written....the actor who portrayed four /tobias is so cute..so what are your thoughts?