Diva Demands !!

  1. Has it ever crossed your mind you start a new job and are told you can ask for anything you want and it will be yours in minutes?

    Well, that's the enviable life of a celebrity on tour or a film star making a movie. They ask for it, they get it. In the business, the star's list of requests or conditions is called a 'rider.'


    Mariah Carey

    The true diva award just rightly goes to Mariah Carey.
    On a 2005 visit to London, the "Butterfly" singer demanded that a red carpet lined with white candles would be in place for her 2am arrival. When the hotel forgot to do that, the pop diva was so furious that she insisted on being driven around the block until everything was as she had asked.
    It is also said that at public appearances, Mariah demands that all posters of her pop rivals be taken down - especially those of Christina Aguilera

    Jennifer Lopez, known as the ultimate diva, demands a lot more.​

    Before public appearances, it is said that her path must be prepared in advance with the scent of gardenia and her hotel sheets must be Egyptian cotton with a thread count of at least 250.​

    While attending the recording session for the charity single "What's Going On," she demanded a large trailer, furnished all in white with flowers, tablecloths, drapes, candles and couches. She also wanted a VCR and CD player, and 43 music CDs selected by her covering all the latest R&B, hip-hop and salsa.

    When shooting "Bordertown" in New Mexico Lopez reportedly insisted to move from her hotel to a private villa, wanted all bills paid for her $100-a-day hairstylist, Oribe, and asked for a luxury trailer on set.​

    No stranger to diva-style behavior, Madonna is another artist who gets exactly what she wants.

    The "Hung Up" singer is said to be so paranoid about germs she has requested that her dressing room toilets are fitted with a fresh seat for every night of her "Confessions" world tour.
    During a stay at an Italian villa, she wanted every garden light to be turned off so she could see the stars.
    There were also reports that she had demanded a sunken bath for her dressing room when appearing in Up for Grabs at London's Wyndham's Theater.​

    Last year, amid legal action over the "Basic Instinct" sequel that fell apart - but later managed to get into production - Sharon Stone's needs list for doing the movie came to light and was put online by The Smoking Gun.​

    The perks demanded were numerous enough to take up five pages, including three nannies, two assistants, first class travel (if a private jet was unavailable), presidential suite, a chef and a deluxe motor home with all the amenities including VCR and cellular fax machine.​

    She would need Pilates equipment and a chauffeured car plus a convertible sedan for herself. Stone would also keep all wardrobe and jewelry worn in the flick that weren't rented.

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson has recently amazed producers at a U.K. radio station by insisting that her chilled spring water come from Fiji.​

    The superstar had fridges at London station Capital stocked with her favored brand of water an hour before she was due to arrive for an interview with host Johnny Vaughan.

    Before going on-air, she demanded her staff check the water with a thermometer to ensure it was exactly the right temperature. ​

    Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell cleared an entire floor of the $250-a-night Hilton Hotel, so she could avoid bumping into the pop group Steps.​

    And when performing for British troops in the Middle East last November, the popster demanded air-conditioned tents, a fridge in her makeshift dressing room in the desert -- full of soy milk and fruit juice -- irons, ironing boards, clothes racks and a computer with full Internet access.​

    Ricky Martin asks for orange tints in the stage lighting to highlight his suntan.

    Julia Roberts wants a steady supply of organic milk in her trailer when filming. She also insists that if you happen to be in a elevator with her, you must look at your feet, or her bodyguards will tell you to wait for the next elevator. :supacool:

    Christina Aguilera insists on a police escort because she refuses to waste her time sitting in traffic.

    Macy Gray brings a chimpanzee on the road to keep her company when touring.

    The bootylicious ladies from Destiny's Child refuse to drink from cups made from polystyrene or plastic - and always demand fresh ginger root and a jar of honey on tour.

    Robbie Williams bizarrely decorates his dressing room with kumquats, a bonsai tree, a pair of undies and a framed photo of Blockbusters' Bob Holness.
  2. Recently Sean P.Diddy Combs paid $16,200 for a jet to fly his Louis Vuitton luggage from France to Rome because it was too heavy for the plane he was on.
  3. When Mariah Carey performed in Jakarta, Indonesia she requested that her suite must be PINK. The show promoter's daughter spent two days painting the room...
  4. Sigh.....I'm exhausted just reading all these demands!
  5. LOL at the Julia Roberts demand.
  6. :roflmfao: at ricky martin :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    but i don't think wanting root ginger and honey is hugely divaish.. nor that madonna wanted the lights switched off, surely if she rented a villa she's entitled to do that? i might do that too to see the stars! had it been a hotel it would be a different matter..
  7. ricky martins is not that bad. its somethign that makes him look better. and i like the destinys child one i think its for there voices. and the no cups maybe for reclycling purposes. mariah carey i have heard is the worst
  8. I think its' kind of funny, like that these people can get away stuff like this. I always wonder if at first, people test out what they can request, they end up just thinking up of more and more ridiculous demands.
  9. The Ricky Martin request is hilarious! At least very reasonable also!
  10. Oh my god, some of these demands are bizzare! Especially Julia Roberts' demands. Look at your feet lol.
  11. Interesting