Div - Florence

  1. Hi Div!

    I went to Florence about 7 years ago, and I'm still dying over how good this pizza was. You must go!

    [SIZE=+1]La Dantesca Ristorante Pizzeria[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]Via Dei Panzani, 57/R[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]50100 Firenze (FI), Italy[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]+39 055 212287
    Does anyone else have tips for Div in Italy?
  2. Not me, i've never been. I'd love to go though. Anyone up for a Chloe girls field trip? I want to see Div's pics when she returns.
  3. I'm so jealous (seriously in a good way) that she's going to Italy. Her dream has always been to go to Paris but her DH wants warmer weather, so Italy it is. If I had my drithers I would choose Italy over Paris but truly in a nit-picky sort of way?

    Her DH is terrific with electronics so there will be lots of pictures only I don't think many of them will be purses, whaaaaaaaaaa.:nogood:
  4. LYM - you read my mind!! I so appreciate a restaurant tip. I have been really tired of hanging on line researching. It takes forever but if you don't do it you run the risk of having all sorts of catastrophes muddy up your vacation. So to know I have a sure thing pizza place to go to is so divine!

    After I come back we could have a picture party on-line or something!!! (I took notes when Susie was explaining her picture posting tips but it was all so convoluted. I am tired of being so stupid. I know once you do it picture inserting is a snap!
  5. You should pick up a Frommers or a Fodor's guide. I think I had Frommers - it really helps you set an agenda, and there were some terrific walking tours. My DH and I kind of have a vaca philosophy of justifying the enormous amounts of food we eat on vaca by trying to fit in some exercise!

    Oh, and don't forget to try the Gelato there too, YUMM!
  6. You are so right! Gelato, Frommers or Fodor - it is on my list along with an Italian dictionary. I don't remember too much from my college days.
  7. You should visit the Uffizzi Gallery... the sculptures there are amazing...
    From my visit nearly 15 years ago, I remember a wonderful nutella icecream which was served in the most delicious bun... it sounds weird, but frozen custard is weirder and it's just delicious...
    There are some nice towns near Florenze. I think Sienna is one of them. The cathedral and main square were amazing... PS I will check in my pictures if my fond memories correspond to Sienna...
  8. Fabrizio has been arrangements for the Uffizi and the Galleria dell'something for Sunday the 20th. I studied all those works of art so long ago - I hope I remember things. I wonder how cold it will be? They do have tours available with a guide for the wine cities but my DH says he doesn't drink wine. Can you believe it? At least I know he likes to eat food - and that ice cream sounds so nice! Even if it IS cold outside!
  9. I thought of another place we went, this was definitely a splurge, but so nice and the service was amazing! We didn't realize when we went, but I guess it's a pretty famous place.

    Ristorante Sabatini

    Angelo Schiavi's historic restaurant was once poet Ugo Montale's favourite Florentine eating place. Daylight pours in from the large garden window, revealing an elegant spacious interior with wooden-beamed ceilings. Guests can nibble fresh homemade crisps and enjoy a drink at the bar before dining. This is a venue popular for business lunches, and the crowd is international and includes many Japanese enjoying specialities like the bistecca alla fiorentina, Chianina beefsteak cooked on the grill or risotto with scampi. Ristorante Sabatini is closed on Monday.

    Via de'Panzani 9a
    Tel: (055) 282 802.
    Website: www.ristorantesabatini.it
    Price: $$$
  10. Oh LYM - this is so wonderful of you. We are sooo going there. I am a HUGE risotto fan and I even love making it myself. Once you open that bottle of wine for the needed cup - the rest is a goner. It is already "open" you see. I wish I could go to Tuscany in the warmer months with a stronger dollar.
  11. No problem I love talking food and travel!

    We were there in early March, and it wasn't too cold. The seasons are 6 weeks ahead of ours, so it won't be quite as "deep" into winter as you would think. The other thing is that the people there are SO stylish, I found it easier to be able to wear nice jeans or slacks, and a nice winter coat, shorts would *not* be appreciated there IMO.

    Will your DH be working during the week, or is it an all pleasure vaca?
  12. It is all pleasure and it is DH's first trip to Europe. He finally broke out of his American football watching beer swilling rut this past May in Japan when we went to visit our son who is living there. (I searched high and low for deals on Chloes and found nary a thing on sale. No sales ever in Tokyo, I guess) So now DH is a 'world traveller' and I hope sometimes soon we can make it to London to catch a certain play and throw some roses at the wife of the producer!
  13. Oh Div, you should try a squid ink risotto when you're there. I don't think it's a particularly Florentine dish, but it's delicious all the same!

    Make sure you watch out for pickpockets (although I'm sure you already know)... we used to put rubber bands around our valuables to stop them LOL
  14. If you do the Uffizi, set aside one entire day - even then, you might have to choose one or two wings... I love it - i could pend all day there! Last time, I was hoping I would "accidentally" get locked in overnight, but they do quite a few sweeps before closing LOL
  15. i-wona! I had a little trouble re-finding your posts but I wanted to thank you for your suggestions. I am writing down "squid ink risotto"! I have to trust you on that one since I cannot imagine what ink would taste like? And I do have to figure out a way to foil purse snatchers and pick-pockets while still wearing one of my Chloe bags! It is going to be a difficult decision to pick just one or two to bring - ones that I won't mind being ripped off my arm. Is such a thing possible? And I am going to do my best to spend hours in the Ufizzi despite the howls of my DH.