Ditto Jeans. Who had them?

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  1. I used to get mine at Millers Outpost in Southern Calif. in the 70s. They were all the rage. Surprised no ones brought them back!

    I had them in:

    baby blue

    come on! confess you old timers!
  2. OMG! I remember those...they really made your bum look good!

    Right along with the brittana sweaters and rainbow shirts, lol!
  3. don't forget the belts with the weird closure too! :smile:
    I remember those brittania shirts......god I had one in minty green.
  4. I had rust & navy, made my big behind look even bigger. Bought them at this new store called Mervyns.
    I wore the navy ones to go see Rocky.
  5. Oh wow! I remember those...I used to love my rainbow shirts.
  6. Ditto Jeans are back! I saw on hautelook.com that they are having a sample sale for the new collection tomorrow! I can't wait. I'm going to buy a pair in every color. This site has the greatest deals
  7. I have some of the new ones, and I love them! The are actually really flattering even though they are high waisted. They also have lower-waisted styles as well.
  8. oh they are around. i bought a pair in kelly green from intermix last summer. great fit, very retro-chic. rocked 'em again this summer.
  9. I'm about to buy a couple Dittos online but have no idea how they fit. Anyone know??
  10. ^^I found the classic jean to fit TTS, but the Sweet 'n' Low fit one size large.
  11. LOL I never wore Dittos...I was a Guess girl. :supacool: (I had actually never heard of the brand!)
    Altho...anyone remember the stretchy nylon belts, similar to this?
  12. I remember those. I shopped at Millers Outpost in Southern Cali too! I grew up in the 70s also and had the rainbow shirts. How fun.
  13. Thanks dear! I got two pairs today. YAY! Maybe I'll post my first modeling pics when I get them. :smile:
  14. Goodness, I remember Miller's Outpost. Not much of a Ditto's gal back then, but I remember totally lusting after Chemin de Fer!

  15. Oh my gosh! forgot all about that brand til just right now. I had those jeans too! Jordache also.
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