Ditch the red lining

  1. :tup:

    I'm using my MC white noe today, and that lining is just too much of a hassle, can't use azur organizer with it, can't use perle with it, bleeds through to everything, takes 6 months to repair...

    I hate to be *****y (sorry) but, it just seems like there is enough technology out there, where they could find something that works with all your good LV pieces...:confused1:

    My personal opionion LV...:sad:

    Would be nice to use our expensive stuff without worrying about THAT!:rolleyes:
  2. I'm with you! I would love to have a white MC alma or noe, but I am too scared of the bleeding issue. If I ever get a MC bag, I will probably opt for the black.
  3. Is it the same lining that is in the damier bags? Im scared now that the hampstead will bleed on my perle peices.
  4. Odd... my white mc speedy has no issues. Intil recently I also has a cardboard on the bottom and purseket so nothing really touched the lining. I have many light colored items in my bag now and no issues .. touch would.

    but agree i'd be upset with the bleeding and paying so much for a bag. Seems this is the same issue with the damier speedy as well.
  5. I thought they fixed the red alcantara lining prob already
    they briefly had the prob when it first came out but newly released bags they don't have the issue anymore..:confused1:
  6. Yes, if the hampstead has the red lining, which I think it does, it will definately bleed on your perle pieces. I use my perle agenda everyday and keep it in its dustcloth and just take it out when its in use. A pfer months ago, said her perle agenda got completely ruined because of red lining..kitsunegrl, I'm going to get a black MC noe as soon as i can afford it for this reason, sad huh? I love my white, I also have the White Shirley, and isn't so much of an issue, cause she's not big enough to put too much stuff in, I know I can't use my perle cles inside her... but the noe is such a great practical bag and it killed me to take out my azure organizer....boo!
  7. Hey baccusgrl! I wonder what "newly released" bags are... I bought my noe in April from Las Vegas, but she was date stamped 06, so she was already a year old when I bought her... is that newly released? Now, that's hard to know if you've got an improved one or not... :confused1:

    Thanks for the heads up, maybe it's just the new styles, like the Rita, etc etc (don't know all the names) I wish I had a date of when they fixed the lining, that would really help, does anyone know?

  8. Ita
  9. I think some batches seem to be worse than others...for some reason.

    I have been using my hampstead GM almost exclusively for about 2 months and no bleeding problems...even on my white mc wapity (which I use as an ipod case) or my sons white vinyl 'wallet' or on the edges of the paperback book thrown in there...which is usually the first to pick up tranfer.

    Veronika, what is the date code on your noe? Maybe you got an older one?
  10. ok let me see if I understood your original post correctly
    so you didn't actually have all those bleeding prob on your noe yet
    you're just worried that it might, after reading those threads about the prob,
    and afraid use w/light colored items.. right?
  11. Yeah, it's a pain, esp. on humid days.....
  12. ^^ yep. That's right. I"m extremely careful about the red lining and color transfer, so I don't tempt fate. I just read about the problems and avoid using things that might transfer, let me see if I can find my date code again Twink. (Im not good at finding them),,, but hold on....
  13. why don't you get a red Purseket so that if the lining has to bleed, it'll bleed onto the Purseket and won't be noticeable. that's what i do with my Damier Speedy 25; i never knew that the Speedy had bleeding problems because i'd been using a Purseket since i got the bag

    that being said though, my white Multicolore Trouville has NO problems at all. i bought it in January 2006
  14. Date code is: CA 0606, she was made in Spain and is a little over a year old. I bought her in April when she was 10 months old, just cause I could put her on my paid off Neiman's card...lol... that's how I must do it sometimes.... I've never had color transfer on any of my bags, (yet), but I'm very careful and am totally afraid to use anything good with this red lining...