Ditab - we want to see your olive Phoebe!

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  1. Hey Ditab - where's that gorgeous new olive Phoebe of yours? I'm hoping you're better now and feeling up to a few modelling pics.
    I'm loving my Phoebe and would love to see how yours looks on you. Waiting patiently..........! :tup:
  2. Yes get on with it!! Or have you got man 'flu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. waiting for piccies ! :whistle:
  4. Ditab, oh Ditab, where are you???
    It's Monday and I'm bored. Liven up my day with a piccie or two.....
  5. :dothewave::dothewave:
  6. Tee hee!! I'm so famous - my own thread!

    Well, the modelling pics will have to wait a bit as I haven't told DH that I've bought (another!) Mulberry yet. I was planning on "buying" it today IYSWIM and bringing it home from Bicester but I'm afraid I made another extravagent purchase - couldn't possibly buy both at the same time so figured I'd stash the Phoebe and produce it at another time. It means I won't be able to use it for a bit but that's fine - I'm currently using the Elgin all the time and am really happy having rediscovered it.

    Just so you don't all die of suspense, my extravagent purchase was a pair of Jimmy Choos :drool: The perfect camel coloured, 65mm heel, pointy toe pump. They're such a wardrobe staple and I've been looking for the perfect nude shoes forever :heart: Even DH loves them.

    Oh girls, we're going to have such fun at Bicester in May - I had a great day there today. Lunch at Pret (Maxie got to run around in the playground area so he was happy) and a good old stroll round the shops. I was very restrained - bought the shoes, a cowboy apron from Cath Kidston for Max and some earphones from Bose for DH's birthday (to go with his Antony bag that he hasn't been given yet :lol:) And that was it.

    Nothing from Mulberry although there were a couple of things that turned my head. There was a gorgeous apple Pasadena - haven't seen this bag before but it's fab and the apple shade was divine. They also had an apple Tyler (£195 reduced from £395) but it had a lot of scratching on the flap.

    They had super-cute olive Ledburys - in fact, there were lots of olive bags. A couple of buckets of Aralines, Angelicas & Jonis (it was very Woollies bargain bucket actually - made the bags look really cheap :tdown:)

    Lots of half price Rosemarys in oak, choc, black; a few Phoebes - plain & tasselled; embellished and tasselled Roxannes (not to my taste at all); a few Bayswaters although I can't remember the colours.

    I had a 10% discount card which I should also be able to pick up when we go in May :yahoo: However, the deal with Mulberry is that you can use it on purchases over a certain amount (either £100 or £200 - can't remember) to a maximum discount of 50% off original price. So, I wouldn't have been able to use it on the Phoebe, for example, as that was already 50% off.

    To get back OT, I'll try and take a couple of sneaky modelling pics the next time DH is out :yes:
  7. ooh Olive ledbury's how cute!! How much, did you notice?
  8. I think they were £216 - they definitely weren't half price.
  9. must resist, must resist, must resist. don't need a cute little olive ledbury - really i don't!!!!!:angel::graucho:
  10. No, you don't. We must save our outlet shopping until May!

    (That lets me have a little splurge in the Christmas sale if anything takes my fancy!!)
  11. I don't believe it. You have a son called Max??? So do I!! Great name....
    OK, we'll let you off for a little while re the Phoebe pics but may have to see modelling pics of the Choos instead.....
    I'm banning myself from Shepton until after May. I'm going to be absolutely desperate for a new bag by then!

    What is the Pasadena like? It's not one I've come across at Shepton..
  12. I would like alook at one of those too,s'got me quite curious!!!!
    And yey!!! Pics of your shoes too!!!

    Olive Ledbury,good color for summer,cute size-baby Bayswater,oooooooooo.................................................................................
  13. These are the shoes:

    Can take a real-life pic when I get around to doing my bags.

    Managed to find a pic of the Pasadena on eBay:

    It was so gorgeous in the apple - although I remember it looking longer than this :confused1: so perhaps I've not found the right picture, it's hard to work out the scale from this one.
  14. ooooo... olive bags... i think that colour is very nice. besides the ledbury, were there other styles in olive? i wouldn't mind an olive blenheim. my excuse is that it's a christmas present to myself :graucho:
  15. Hahahahaha!!! Another one bitten by the Mulberry bug!!!And coming out with the same excuses!! I must admit I am really hankering after an olive bag,its such a pretty versatile color,but it will have to wait until the meet.And I have got the feeling that I may be buying advance christmas prezzies to myself to last til 2020 at least,and thats getting one from Andy and Sophie every year,birthdays included!!
    Btw,can you make it to the meet?If not I will take pics of the bargains for you along with their fone number so you can order straightaway and not miss out!!xxx