Dita Von Teese

  1. she's awesoem, her wedding and attire was fantastic!!!
    I feel badly for her.
    She said that she tried for months to even reach him, had no idea he had checked out of the marriage, that's so sad.
  2. She looks stunning!Love her style!
  3. Love her, absolutely gorgeous!
  4. I really love her. I find her endlessly intriguing.
  5. She's gorgeous! It's no secret that MM has issues with drugs and fidelity. It was apparent in his autobiography.
  6. Glad Dita's doing okay! She is so talented.
  7. She looks fabulous, and I still very much respect that in terms of "dishing" she still reveals next to nothing. She really hasn't discussed many personal details and she tries to rise above it (difficult when Manson obviously doesn't).
  8. I don't understand how somebody as beautiful as Dita ends up with someone as gross as Marilyn Manson. Yuck. I'd rather date a goat.
  9. She is sooo beautiful! Too bad she married a creep!
  10. Because he was bigger than life and she was practically nothing.
  11. I like her..not him.
  12. yup
  13. I agree!
  14. So beautyful

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  15. I like her!She is so pretty.