Dita sunglasses?

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  1. Do any of you guys own a pair by Dita?
    I need a new pair I can't decide if I want Oliver Peoples or Dita. (Never seen Dita in person) Dita Targa or Beretta.

    Which brand would you recommend?
  2. I personally like Oakley, last month just received my new Oakley Script Sunglasses, it's on sale online, I like the color ( pink) and the versatility. very suitable for my head.
  3. I love Dita sunglasses. I have 2 pairs (supa dupa and wonderlust). I also have 3 pairs of Oliver Peoples and I think that Dita's quality is just as good and for less money. You can't go wrong with either brand.:tup:
  4. I have pairs by both, I prefer Oliver Peoples.
  5. I have Dita's. The Pretender in noir. I love the box that it comes with.
    I do not like that anything metallic adheres to the box (its magnetic).
    I do love that I dont have to wear eye makeup and still look fashionable.
    I do more compliments on them than Chanels. And the Chanels are more expensive.