Disturbing MOVIES/TV Shows/Documentaries You Couldn't Stop Thinking About

  1. Saw that. It was unbelievable. Unbelievable. I still think about it to this day.
  2. Someone mentioned this film to me today and it automatically reminded me of this thread. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to see it yet :couch:
  3. anti christ by lars von trier, it just pain me
  4. SNOWTOWN!! SICK. I was reading the reviews from Australlia and they were writing how many people walked out whent they watched. It was on Netflix is how I saw it. It was so disturbing.
  5. I actually still think about certain scenes from that movie! Scary in a non horror way.
  6. Faces of Death
  7. Human Centipede 2. Omg....why did i watch it. :sad: i was looking for a scary movie to watch and tried this. Not good. The most disgusting thing ever.
  8. I somehow sat through Human Centipede when it was on once...what the heck.
  9. Usually I can handle most things but recently watched a movie called audio Africa made in the 60's i think, it's a documentary about the Zanzibar massacre and other situations that happend during the decolonization of Africa. It definitely gave me nightmares.
  10. I refuse to watch American History X because of how much the scenes in it impacted other people I know who watched it.

    The movie Sybil made me upset for quite a while. The effect on Sybil from what her mother did to her- how she developed multiple personalities to cope with the abuse- and the flashbacks scenes to the terrible things her mother did to her, particularly with the hose.... It still disturbs me and randomly comes to my mind. Seeing how manipulative and uncaring her mother was about it was just as scary.
  11. Any movies with rape are upsetting, of course. I thought Slumdog Millionaire and Gran Torino were great movies, but won't watch them again because of that.
  12. The whistleblower by Rachel w. it's based on her experience in Bosnia while worked at UN.
    Very compelling.....
  13. Grey Gardens, both the documentary and the movie.

    I found it fascinating but at the same time, I felt like Little Edie living at home with my mother. I could leave, but every move of mine was controlled. I wasn't physically trapped, but I was mentally trapped.
  14. You must of watched it more recently? It disturbed me and haunted me. True story. And what happened in real life was much worse than the movie. I can't even believe WE both watched it.
  15. I still think about this movie occasionally. Such a sad, senseless, tragic story.