1. Anyone see it? I'm going in a about an hour to go see it. Usually I don't watch scary movies but this one looks really interesting. I'll let you guys know my thoughts on it when I get I back.
  2. Please post when you get back! I want to see this one!
  3. I saw it last night and there is NO WAY I would let a 13 year-old watch this movie. It was good, but a lot of violence, innuendos and it was scary! I had to cover my eyes though parts of the movie, although I noticed I was the only one doing so..... maybe it was just me. When I came home I made double sure all my doors/windows were locked.
  4. I'm back and have to say I thought it was a pretty good movie. I'm glad it wasn't one of those scary movies where that's all there is. It had some funny moments in it along with the suspensfull/scary moments.

    I was pretty tense through some of it, and jumped a couple times. I hate really gross scary movies, this movie wasn't that bad w/ that kind of stuff, it did have some gross stuff but nothing like Wax House(I hated that movie!) On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this movie an 8.5

    I love Shia, he's gotten to be very good looking, he used to be so dorky when he was on Even Stevens.
  5. JavaJunkie, thanks for the review. Now I definitely want to see it too. It's good to know that Shia has moved on to a more grown up role.

  6. I agree! My daughter had the BIGGEST crush on him when he was on Even Stevens. So big, that we named our family cat after him! LOL! Shia is such a cool name anyway.

    We saw the movie and loved it! Funny parts and scary parts too. Kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie.
  7. No problem :smile:
  8. Shia is a cool name and and a cute name for a cat. The movie had a little bit of sadness in it too, but not enough to make me cry.
  9. This makes me want to see the movie even more. Also, even though there are several, several years age difference between us, I think Shia is so fine!
  10. Saw this movie yesterday and thought it was pretty good. I thought the beginning of the movie was very intense and set the tone for the rest of the movie. I'll definetly get this one when it comes out on DVD.

    pss... Is this one still the #1 movie in the USA?
  11. Now go rent Rear Window if you want to see a 10 ;)
  12. Thanks! Will def. go and see it
  13. I really cannot see how it could be better than Rear Window, but it looks entertaining. I would like to see it. I totally remember him from Even Stevens. He was hysterical in that, and I am really happy for him that this film has been such a hit with audiences. I heard the other day that he had a rough childhood. His father was a drug dealer.
  14. I've never heard of Rear Window :shrugs: But I might just have to check it out, is it similar to Disturbia?
  15. Disturbia is based on Rear Window. ;)
    James Stewart, the breathtakingly beautiful Grace Kelly, Orson Welles as the murderer...directed by Hitchcock. It's an excellent movie. It's builds suspense perfectly through Hitchcock's direction and cinematography. So so good!