District messenger bag.

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  1. Does anyone own this bag? How does the bag "behavior" when it's packet full? I once had a Shelton bag, and when the bag was full packed the magnetic flap didn't connect perfect to the bag because the bag was a bit denty. Does the magnetic flap on the District works fine or will it frisk out?

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  2. I have it in Macassar. The magnet is a little longer than the Damier. It stays closed just fine.
  3. Oh wait. I believe the magnets are on the ends of the flap.
  4. Ok, thanks. I also noticed that the District in Graphite is bigger than Damier Ebene and Mono Maca.
    Are you satisfied with your bag?
  5. I have the MM size. I live in Florida and never
    Wear a coat. I went to Ny in nov. and wore it
    For the first time for about a week and noticed
    The strap started pilling. I came back home and
    Used a sweater shaver on it. It's fine. But I was a bit surprised
    It did that. Still wouldn't stop me from buying the men's
    Bags with the fabric strap. I actually have a few. They are
    More comfortable crossbody than the leather straps
  6. I just got mine in mono macassar today, I love it so far.
  7. That's a very nice bag!
  8. when I tried it in the store it kept opening
  9. So the magnet isn't strong enough?