Distributor of FAKE GUCCI for ebay scammers!!

  1. With all of the laughter about MTV and celebs carrying fake bags - I thought I would share this with you all - THIS WILL MAKE YOUR BLOOD BOIL!!:cursing:


    Now I realise there are plenty of places to find fakes on the net - but these guys are a HUGE distributor of counterfeit handbags... gucci / fendi / prada / hermes / chloe... you name it - they have got it. They even provide all relevant paperwork for every bag. They are selling fake handbags for as little as 10 US dollars a piece. The more you buy - the more you save. Meanwhile, we are buying fake goods for hundreds / even thousands of dollars.

    WHAT IS WORSE (now this is really adding insult to injury if you have EVER been scammed on eBay) is they have a "happy customer" section where eBay sellers are claiming their call to financial freedom is selling these goods on eBay and other associated sites!!

    But one more thing to make your blood boil - Ebay are actually advertising these guys. Scroll down to the bottom of your Gucci search and there you will see them.
    What is ebay thinking? You can not imagin how much money fake sellers really profit until you see this site...

    SAY NO TO FAKES!!!!!!:boxing:

    I posted this in the ebay forum but i do not think enough gucci people go there - particuarly now that we have the handy little link to spotting authentic goods on ebay!! Be careful out there ladies... ebay scammers must be rolling in it. And I do not mean money!!!!!!!!!!

    Please try NOT to post fake site links..it only gives them more advertising!!!**********************************

    Unfortunately the fake sellers come on the purse forum too- all you are doing is pointing out a cheaper distributor for them!!!
  3. Thanks for removing Jill!
  4. A very good point I did not consider designermummy...x
  5. I really can not understand ebay doing this... so strange.

  6. Not to worry [coco] alot of scammers and people who sell fakes come on here, the information posted in the sub forums authenticity tips can help them sell theyre items better!
    I.e a certain thing that comes with fake Gucci items and not authentic Gucci items. The people who do not know Gucci at all leave in others still selling fakes take out!

    Was it an ebay adverised link or a google advertised link?
  7. Pardon my ignorance - you are absolutely right designermummy........
    It does not say Google above it... only sponsored link... That's just not right is it? It is like someone didn't bother checking what was on that web site. To be honest, I do not often look on ebay for the very reason there aren't a great percentage of authentic bags against real... and these days it can be really hard to tell.
    I know these sites pop up all the time but this one is like a slap in the face. These guys are producing millions of bags... millions.
    I might email ebay about this one - it is REALLY dodgy............:tdown:
  8. The sponsored links are normally google generated! And I doubt ebay would do anything about it! If you key in the word Gucci on a search thousands upon thousands come up!!
  9. I know.... Makes me feel physically sick :yucky: I did a bit of research and "sponsored link" is an advertising space ebay sells off on the own site - they were obviously a very high bidder.