Distressing a birkin? Huh?

  1. I didnt post this in Shopping because its not really a "find," and i dont really care if its authentic, exactly....just wanna say.... HUH???
    :confused1: :confused1:
    I saw this on eBay. 260073895311

    "... The owner of this bag decided that she didn't like the color and had it professionally distressed..."


  2. Hmmm I want that job...professional Birkin Distresser...just give 'em to me for a few years and I get 'em beat up for ya! :p
  3. I think it looks kind of neat.
  4. Very, Very nice!!!!! She is an authentic seller of handbags. She is very well know in the "Vintage Luxury Goods" Circle of trusties! :shrugs:

    The only thing I'm amazed at is the price! That bag is from 1988, I think that this is why it looks like this because of it's age, not because someone got it distressed. Her price is outrageous and she should lower it.
  5. there was a kelly on eBay once that had been "professionally" dyed on the outside to black.
  6. yes, that Thalassa birkin she has is so pretty.
    I just couldnt imagine the distressing.

    It distressed me, I guess.
    But they did a pretty good job of doing it, in any case.

    Bagaholic, the listing says 1998, so 10 years younger than you thought.
  7. if it was 'distressed" it can't be refurbished though, right? Price should def. be lower!
  8. looks like they darkened the bag. inside is lighter.
  9. This thought ran through my mind too. Will Hermes still accept a H bag that has been distressed? Hermes will not do this to their own creations, so I though maybe they won't take it in anymore for refurbishment. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks :heart:
  10. I don't like it, imo:yucky: :shrugs:
  11. I don't know how confortable I feel with this.:hrmm: :s
  12. I saw this a while back and feel really sorry for this poor lil' birkin.
  13. Hmmm I wonder if they would distinguish between "distressed on purpose" and "just really beat up/abused"? :shrugs: If you were wanting to rescue it/return it to it's former glory???
  14. Not my cup of tea either. No wonder it's selling at this price for a vintage.
  15. I saw this bag in person at her shop--it's kind of pretty, actually, but all of her prices are pretty inflated