Distressed Patent vs. Regular Patent vs. Caviar vs Lambskin...


Jun 26, 2007
Would appreciate if you could enlighten me on the differences of the above 4, especially the Regular Patent vs. the Distressed Patent. I am looking to purchase a jumbo Classic Flap that would not be an everyday bag, but would be used often enough....Opinions gladly accepted!!!!

Wanted to also know if the chain straps dig into the shoulders. I have recently returned a Chloe and Marc Jacobs with the chain straps, because of this. Realize that the Chanel's strap are thinner and might not be as burdensome on the shoulders....

Thank you!


Jun 1, 2007

^Distressed patent: Not like normal patent where you can see some reflection on it, and it also doesn't hold fingerprints as much the way that "Normal" patent does. It has a bit of a crinkle to it, but it's so gorgeous. I have this tote, and just ordered the jumbo distressed patent. I normally hate patent, but Chanel's distressed patent is just so different. :yes:

^Caviar: More durable than lambskin, has a pebbled texture and doesn't scratch as easily. Also easier to clean and holds it shape better.

^Lambskin: A lot smoother than caviar, without the pebbly texture. Very luxurious and soft, but also very easy to scratch and not as easy to clean if something is spilled on it. It's also slightly more expensive.

(some pics courtesy of the reference library).