Distressed matte black camera bag w/ gold h/w VS. Jumbo Classic Flap w/ gold h/w

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  1. I bought my second chanel handbag today, a black caviar jumbo classic flap with gold hardware. I've been contemplating for the past month whether i should get the jumbo classic flap or the fall 08 distressed matte black camera bag with gold hardware in medium. But i'm slightly regretting now :sad:. I know this camera bag is seasonal and might regret later not getting it. But I also love the classic flap. Should i exchange the classic flap for the camera bag or keep it instead? I don't have the bag yet since they didn't have stock at the chanel boutique. It'll probably arrive by friday hopefully.
  2. Well if you could always get the flap then go for the one you cannot always get. that's just my opinion and there are so many others on here with more knowledge and I am sure they will help you out.
  3. If it were me, I'd keep the classic flap. It's an excellent choice ---so classic & timeless. I never liked the camera bag because it was way too boxy for my taste (that's just me). Since you're having 2nd thoughts about the classic flap, it leads me to believe that you really wanted the camera bag instead & didn't get it because it was out of stock. If that is the case & you need reassurance, I think you should get the camera bag. Chanel is not a small purchase. You should be 100% happy with your bag. I think here, it might be the camera bag for you. BTW, what was your 1st Chanel? That may be a factor in your decision.
  4. queenofchic: my first chanel is a fall 08 striped black metallic reissue in sz 226.
  5. I personally like the jumbo better, it's a lot more polished. The jumbo is such a classic it's a long term investment. I find the camera bag looks very similar to a mans shaving bag.

    That being said however you do own one flap already.

    If it were me I would keep the jumbo. You obviously preferred it if it's the one you can home with. I sometimes feel regretful and two or three days later I realize I was right for going with my gut.