distressed leather/hybrid

  1. Hi,

    I just bought a medium reissue with distressed caviar leather in red.. but i'm not sure if i want to keep it..anyone having hard times with hybrid leather? i'm still confused because the leather is so delicate..... it's a beautiful bag.. i love it.. but i'm not sure about the hybrid leather..
    so, please help!
  2. I have this bag in red and love it. I love the distressed look to the leather, but if you are not loving it, maybe return it for something you will enjoy more.

    Here's a picture of mine>

  3. mine is exactly like that.. but your bag looks so shiny, is it because of the flash? the scratches are not that apparent from that pic..
  4. Is not a reissue, it's called Hybrid w/mm lock
  5. wow love the bag! I wish I could get one:shame: I love the distressed look of the leather!
  6. for me the distressed leather is very user-friendly as you don't really need to think about scratches (as on lambskin). mine is in black (greyish) and I took her everywhere even travelling away. IMHO the red Hybrid is very nice - the colour is toned down and best for daily use.
  7. That picture was taken without flash, and IRL it's not that shiny (not sure why it looks shiny in that picture, but there is an overhead light on in that room when I took the picture). I don't have any scratches on it at all. I'm careful with my bags, but I do use them.
  8. really? mine has few scratches.. and they were there since the first time i saw that bag in store.. and i noticed that there are few scratches caused by the chain..
    what do you think?
  9. this is the picture
  10. more picts, tell me what u think.....
    there are scratches.. they are not too visible from the photos..
    DSC_0337.jpg DSC_0338.jpg DSC_0339.jpg DSC_0341.jpg
  11. You said it's a beautiful bag; you love it. Therein lies your answer. If it is the scratches that bother you, ask Chanel to fix them OR leave them be and use the bag and when it's time to send it in to be freshed up do so. Imo, if there is a scratch or two it lessens the angst about using the bag. You're over that hump already. Go with your heart and your instincts and you won't go wrong.
  12. I think this depends on your personality. For me, I'm very finicky when it comes to scratches, so the scratches on the hybrid would drive me crazy. My SA brought out 5 for me to look at, in black, and even the brand new ones had scratches on them. They're part of the look. Just not for my OCD personality. LOL. If that bothers you, I'd return it and get a bag in caviar leather.
  13. OMG that bag is stunning! love the red colour!!!
  14. thank you everybody.. i'll think about it..
    i have like 1 month to figure it out..
    i really love the bag, the scratches are not so visible on the outer, it's just on the inner side of the flap.. but the bag cost me $2,275, so maybe i'll think about it..
    the SA said this is th only one left for red distressed flap..
  15. What a gorgeous bag, for me, the scratches would be a cause for concern, especially if you just bought it, if it bothers you, you should not keep it. :heart:H