Distressed by my distressed Hayden Harnett Pastis, should I return?

  1. Hi, if you saw leather this distressed would you think "oh, how cool" or would you think "that bag is filthy"? I love the shape and design of the bag, but I'm not sure about the leather in the center on the front. Pictures with and without flash attached.
    Pastis flash1.jpg Pastis flash2.jpg pastis noflash1.jpg pastis noflash2.jpg
  2. That's a beautiful bag, but I think that you should return it for another. The leather looks flawed on the front. Sorry, that's a bummer...but it is gorgeous!
  3. If you are able to return it, you should. The leather looks stained. Did you buy it from the HH website? I think I read that their return policy has changed...
  4. I love the Pastis, it's beautiful.

    With the one you received, I would return it.
  5. poor sick cow :[
  6. I would send it back...but oh my, it is absolutely gorgeous!
  7. I think you should exchange it. I had one that I returned for other reasons but the leather was amazing and didn't have that irregularity.
  8. If you don't love it, return or exchange it. Good luck!
  9. WHat a great bag...what a bummer that it isn't everything you wanted...but you should def. return it if you aren't happy.

    Better luck next time!
  10. Yup, absolutely return it if you're not happy.

    Folks - there's nothing "wrong" with the leather, it's a matter of preference as hovercraftier mentioned in her initial post. Do you like to see different grain patterns on your purse OR do you like all of the grain to be similar? It's what nature/the moo-moo gives us....I like how the bag looks, adds character IMO.
  11. If it's not what you want, send it back. Maybe if you explain what you don't like, they'll send you another more to your liking. :smile: It's such a beautiful bag!
  12. I have a thing for vintage leather, so I love it.

    But if you aren't happy with it, I think you should return it!
  13. Thanks everyone for your input. I think I'm going to return it and ask for one that has slightly more regular leather on the front at least. But I may change my mind!
  14. Ooh, great design! I would return this one, though. The discolouration could be a defect.
  15. I would be happy to give this girl a good home...