Distracted by MIUMIU bag

  1. Hi guys! I just fell in love with this amazing MIU MIU bag on the way to buying my BalBag which I bought and am using but I cant get the MIU MIU fella out of my head. Can you help me with the name (its really huge and shaped like a croissant with thick chunky pleats in the middle and appears in metallic, brown and black) and do you guys think I should get the brown or black? Thanks so much!:sad:
  2. Is this it?

    Napa Patch tote, according to NM.com
  3. Thats a great bag, very large. I love the metalic one.
  4. Love that one zeitgeist4!
  5. ooh, so cute!
  6. I want that too!
  7. gorgeous!!!!
  8. funny, it really does look like a croissant. I WANT IT! too bad it's a very, very expensive croissant.
  9. I think it looks really, really nice. Love it! Wish I had one.
  10. I really like this bag. Anyone here bought this or the metalic one?
  11. I love the metallic one. I wish I could see it modeled on someone tho. Too far from my nearest store that carries them to see it before ordering.
  12. hey gals, just thought i would let you know that there's one up on eBay right now. i would get it but my finances will not permit at the moment, sigh :0
    hope one of you grabs it and models it for us here!! it's under 'NWT Miu Miu By Prada Caramel Napa Leather Patch Tote'
  13. That's a lovely bag- makes me want a croissant!
  14. I saw this bag with Lindsay Lohan in an ad, and I just thought:

    "cute bag, cute sweater, cute collar...ugh Lindsay"

    I believe the ad has the metallic one, with gold and silver patches...if you can find it, it's been in Bazaar's and Vogues recently!:smile:
  15. this bag also comes in cream, white and i did see a purple (egg plant). i bought a cream one from HK. I don't have a camera with me right now, (out-of-town) but it's such a lovely, soft, mushy bag...you can keep lots of stuff in there!