Distinguishing the chevres

  1. Can someone, anyone, please comment on the differences between coromandel, jhansi, mysore and mangalore, with respect to:

    1) matte/shiny
    2) spine
    3) stiffness
    4) availability for a Birkin?

    I've read some of the old threads and am still confused. Thanks!
  2. My observation is that:

    - cdc appears to be more stiff than mysore. Both are similar in terms of shininess.
    - jhanzi is more matte compared to cdc and mysore, also softer or more souple too!
    - only cdc has the spine

    As for availability, I have seen older birkins made in cdc but not recently. Only mysores in 30cm birkins. As for jhanzi, I have never seen them in a birkin - only in kellys and drags...

    I have attached a photo of some of my chevre bags - the fuschia bolide and rouge h birkin are cdcs.

    The azap wallets are both mysores. The bearn is a cdc as I had that before mysore was available.

    The drag is a jhanzi - because of the suppleness or this material, bags are made sellier style and are still very souple. The kellys made in jhanzi are all sellier and they "act" like retournes.
    chevre family2.JPG
  3. ^^^Great comparison shot!!!

  4. Very helpful, thanks! Gorgeous photo. Love the drag.
  5. I've seen only one bag in Chevre Jhansi, but it did have a spine.
  6. Excellent photo
  7. Hey J

    Here is a pic of a black 35 CDC. I was not able to find Chevre in store so I had to SO. This was a SO from Jan 07.
  8. I've also seen mysore with a spine, albeit faint. I do tend to find CDC to be the shiniest, although there can still be a great deal of variation within each classification.
  9. Can we still SO CDC? I really love the chunkiness of the grains compared to the other chevres. all about bags thanks for posting photo!
  10. Jhansi is not being made anymore. Too bag because it is very distinctive and takes color very well. I have three bags in jhansi and I think they are really interesting because of the graining. The Drag in my avatar is vermillion jhansi, but I don't know it the grain can really be seen. I have a Bolide is CDC turquoise, and I agree that it is much shinier than jhansi. It almost looks like a different leather all together.
  11. I agree that Jhansi can have a distinctive spine.
    And to go a little further, the newer CDC Souple is softer, but still virtually as shiny as older CDC and also has a prominent spine. I hope we'll be seeing more of it soon as far as availability - it's beautiful.
  12. Thanks everyone. cxyvr, lovely bag!

    Any thoughts on mangalore (what exactly is it?)
  13. I have 32 Sellier Kelly in black CDC. It is very textured, with a lot of grain and a very prominent spine. It's also very shiny, seems more iridescent than Mysore... and very stiff. I have not seen jhansi or the newest chevre (except in a swatch) so I can't comment or compare on those...
  14. As last as last month, I have seen birkin 30s and HAC32s in CDC on the shelves. I dont find it too scarce at all.
  15. My caramel Kelly is CDC souple - has all the properties of CDC but is SOFT! I find my mysore bags quite stiff, and as everyone else said, matte.

    Mysore is my all-tome favourite! I find the grain less prominent as well.