Dissappointed in F/W 2007... who else is?

  1. If that's all CHANEL is bringing out for F/W 2007, then I'm quite dissappointed. The only gem IMO is the metallic black reissue that everyone is lusting for. I hope it doesn't dissappoint me.

    In a statement, F/W 2007 is too much vinyl, too much runched leather, overexposing the patent (especially that weird leather/patent patchwork bag)

    On the good side, this is much much better for the wallet than F/W 2006 :drool:
    I wanted everything in the line. :crybaby:

    Lets hope Cruise 2008 releases lovely bags that I can't stop thinking about.
  2. Yep, I agree they probably missed their mark. I've been wondering who is designing the bags these days. If it's Karl, he needs to hand off the handbags to someone else who can design in the realm of classic design.
  3. I really like the expandable tote, that looks very nice. the rock bag looks great in pics , but i hear it's cheap feeling.i liked the frame bag , can't remember the name. So far expandable tote is on my list.
  4. hmmm ... I didn't really see anything I wanted either. But hey thats kind of a good thing cause I really can't afford another one. =)
  5. i had a stroll through the boutiqque today and what i saw didn`t get me too excited either...

    the rock is simply too expensive remembering it`s only vynil, everything else looks mostly weird (like this astrakhan stuff and the sharpeys)...

    the store manager told me though, that there are nice versions of the cabas arriving for cruise, in very birght colors and in satin...

    p.s.: karl does basically nothing, they have design teams for each part of the collection, such as pret-a-porter, shoes, bags, jewelry and stuff...
  6. ^^ But wasn't he involved in designing the classic flaps and reviving the 'reissues'?
    I can imagine him just being a boss and approving/disapproving the designs his subordinates make though.
    FENDI bags are a complete disaster these days (no offense to spy lovers, etc) and have they been switching teams lately?

    Off topic, all this dissappointment makes me want LV's Olympe Cirrus PM bag....still not sure, do you Chanel lovers think the Olympe line is cheap looking?
  7. absolutanne,

    I totally have the same opinion on that. As what you've said, besides the metallic black reissue, nothing makes me drooling....and they are all too expensive!!!
    There's at least one good side of it, I can save $$$ for the next next season then....
  8. so far the only things that've caught my eye are the Lady braids and of course even though i haven't seen it yet, the metallic black reissue sounds so promising!

    and as for the LV olympe cirrus (it only comes in one size btw), i ADORE IT! i wish i had the funds to get one for myself, i'm not normally a fan of LV at all but the cirrus took my breath away when i saw it. Love the colour, the shape (frame bags are beautiful) and the straps! I honestly think that this is one of the most luxe looking LV Ltd. Ed. lines..... compared to the LE cerises, cherry blossom, miroir lines, which IMO i thought weren't very nice looking.
  9. absolutanne, there is a really nice documentary about karl lagerfeld and him designing the haute couture collection 2005 made by loic prigent, one of the best french fashion editors...

    i think it`s available on Amazon.fr, not sure about the us-site though...

    anyways, it shows him doing some sketches and you basically see nothing...his pattern-cutters, seamstresses and everyone else just has to figure what he means...

    and from my work at lv, i know that marc jacobs names the leading themes for each season, but most of the bags and shoes are developed by the design studios...
  10. I agree. I listed for the expandable tote but I haven't seen it IRL. I actually did like the Brooklyn tote but it was kinda big and pricey. On the recommendation from my SA, I listed for the hobo style Brooklyn but I am not sure since I didn't get to see it at the trunk show. I will really have to evaluate my purchases with the increased prices.
  11. Nightshade, that's exactly what i thought of the really childish LE cerises, pandas, miroir, cherry blossom lines.. They were so... gimmicky! I completely didn't buy any of it. But when MJ launched the Olympe line, it's completely different and stands out from the rest of the collection!
    We have such similar tastes, you know. ;)
    I love the frame bag shape. I have yet to own one and I like the glazed quilted lambskin... sigh. :heart:
  12. The Cirrus is amazing beautiful!!!!Not cheap looking at all. I would love to own one. It is gorgeous!
  13. Absolutanne..... I used to have a lot of LV'S and over the years my Chanel collection is larger than my LV. I have the LV Cirrus bag and absolutely love it. I think the style of its frame shape makes it unique and I get complimented on it constantly. I think this bag is worth it.
  14. LovingVuitton, do you have a pic of your Cirrus??? I've visited the LV forum and not many people have it. I hope the Chanel mods don't get mad at me.... :rolleyes:

    To get back on track, yes, I'm glad alot of other ladies here think so. The Grey lady braid looks beautiful and hopefully the metallic black. I even tried liking the new glazed Modern Chain, but it's too much patent sheen for a big bag like that. Maybe I'm just not adventurous and my taste is a bit too classic.
  15. The only thing I'm on the list for is the new expandable tote. But, I haven't seen this in person yet, so who knows if I will like it. It's a good thing though since all the prices are outrageous.