1. This morning I brought one of my bags to the nearest coach store to be sent away for repair. It's a signature duffle and the stitching at the bottom of the bag has come undone and at the top of the bag the stiching is fraying a bit. It's wierd, anyways the SA associate told me not to bother sending it away b/c it she doubts coach will fix it since it looke like human error. I was a little frustrated because there no way that I would possibly ruin my bag on purpose. I would basically have to take a needle and pull apart my stitching to get the same results. Any suggestions?? I should probably post a picture to make is easier to understand
  2. I am sorry that you are disappointed. And it may help if you put a picture out here....but for the cost of these bags, and the Coach reputation, they should repair the stitching on the bags. I have a top handle signature legacy that I got it October, and a piece of stitching is coming apart. As soon as I have time, I am taking it in to a store to have it sent to be fixed. If you didn't get satisfaction, maybe you should ask to speak with a manager. Or maybe on the the SA's who are so helpful on this board could advise you. Good luck!
  3. thats crazy!

    Go to another store.
  4. I took some pictures but they are too big to upload. Does anyone know how to make them smaller !! haha
  5. Did they offer you a discount or to replace it somehow? They still have the signature duffle.
  6. thats ridiculous! I would talk to another SA about it, or even just go to another store.. dont feel bad about it, you did nothing to your bag!..
    And about your pictures, go into Paint on your computer (if you have it, under Start-->Accessories-->Paint) and then open your picture, and then click Image, and then click Sketch/Skew then change the 100% to 50% on both vertical, and horizontal.. resave the picture.. and then try to load them in again!
    I hope I helped!!
  7. Regardless of what that SA said, I'd still send it in.

    Either go to another store and explain your situation to a manager or print out a copy of the Repair Service Request form at Coach.com under Repairs (search Repairs and it takes you right to the section) and send out the bag yourself (don't forget insurance!).

    We pay good money for these products...
  8. Kathyrose - No they didn't offer me anything the SA just flat out told me that there was nothing Coach could do since it was not a manufacturers defect..

    New Addiction - thanks for the photo editing help! that will come in very

    So_Femme - I'm going to take your advice and print it out. I think I am going to go back to the same store on Tuesday and ask again to have it sent off. I did call another coach store about an hour ago and the SA told that I should be able to send it off to questions asked.

    here are some pictures the quality is not the best but if you look closely you can see the thread sticking up where the leather and fabric meet
    IMG_0621.JPG IMG_0627.JPG
  9. they said the same in the fall about my skinny. So I ended up selling it for cheap because I didn't feel like dealing with it.
  10. It's so frustrating!
  11. Oh, wow... I'd def send it in.

    Hope it all works out for you. Keep us posted!
  12. I don't know about the stores you ladies go to, but seriously- are these SA's smoking crack?

    They should absolutely send that product in, the stitching should not come out and it's not human error because of use- it's human error because of manufacturing the bag. They should realize there is a problem and Coach should accomodate you.

    Of course there is a line that's drawn but stitching is part of the structure of the body, which the repair dept. can fix or replace since that bag is less than a year old!!
  13. I am so shocked because I have taken a lot of things into Coach that were broken, etc. and not all of them were new. They've always been excellent about sending my pieces in and either fixing them free of charge or offering 40% off of another item. I think you should ask to talk to the manager and report that SA because of all the luxury items I purchase Coach has always, always had the best customer service.

    Good luck and Don't give up!!!!
  14. I don't know what it is with some of the SA's. I had a problem with a bag and three SA's (same store, same time) tried to talk me out of sending it. Is it that much work for them? I'd only had the bag a week when the stitching came loose on the zipper pull. I thought for sure that they would bend over backwards to help me, but no.
  15. Thanks everyone for your comments.. I was thinking about this and even though part of me really wants to go back to the same boutique that turned me away I think I might actually bring it to another coach boutique. It's futher away but I know I will get better service there. I will let you know what happens