1. Ohhh this is annoying... This afternoon, I got a call from one of my Filipino colleagues here at work asking me where do I usually get my handbags.. And then I asked her which handbag are you talking about?! She said my Old LV handbags (because I used to own a lot of LV handbags before I got married, but after I got married I sold them.) Then, I was surprised that she asked, "Was it a class A or class B?!" She was talking about how many stars as a replica my handbags are!! And she wanted the denim pleaty's replica!!! Gosh!! I was soo disappointed!! I want to shout at her that my bags worth thousands and not a replica but I can't!! Because she's one of my mom's friend!! I just told her that I don't buy fakes! I bought it straight from the shop but sold them already!! When I answered her question.. She just answered me.. "Oh...." Gosh!!! I'm soooo disappointed!!!
  2. :wtf: oh dear, i can't imagine how you felt hearing that. i think you've given a good answer by just saying that you don't buy fakes. i've never been asked that before and i hope i'll never will...ppl around me know that i've very strong feelings about counterfeit merchandises. if i was in your position, i'd have replied the same. i wouldn't go on about the ethical issues of counterfeit items cause there's not much point as your work colleague was aware of fakes and knew what she wanted. not everyone is into bags as we're here on this forum, i suppose...
  3. A few weeks ago we went to dinner and the hostess commented on my bag "Oh, what a cute bag ... is that Nine West?"

    (yes, I am still bitter). It was a Biascia.
  4. I know what you mean. My relatives and family friends often ask "Is that real or fake???" lol Considering I am going to drive a cruddy car for awhile, the replica comment is going to happen a lot more often from now on.
  5. It's really sad how prevalent fakes are. I don't like to buy LV anymore b/c there are so many fakes out there that half the time I see someone carrying a new one I assume that it is a fake.
  6. I feel ya. My colleagues always ask where did I get the bag. Now, if they thought it was real, why the hell would they ask??! But they always assume it's a fake and want to know which replica store I got it from. !@#%! ARGH!!
  7. it's so sad... my mom is a HUGE LV fan, and for christmas one of her clients bought her an LV wallet to say thank you... except it was fake from china! since it was a gift my mom just took it, but i can tell you she was just hopping mad!

    the saddest thing is, i can't tell the difference, and i've heard that some of the factories in china which work for LV can also illegally sell the same material so it gets harder and harder to tell the difference.
  8. See....that's the problem about LV and replicas......there are soooooooo many of them.. (replicas)..........
  9. YES indeed!!! This is exactly how I feel! It's soo awful!! I wanted to yell in her face that I disgust her fakes but I can't!! Coz' she's one of my mom's friend!! And she keeps on asking me I think 3 times already ever since she got her job here in the office where I get my "CLASS A" handbags!! GOSH!!! What a word!! I answered her once, I got it directly from a Chanel Shop and sometimes, she asks, how much did you got for this?! And if I answer $$$$$$$$$$$ she would stare at me like... Whoa.. I got a pretty expensive handbag!!!

    And here's more... She sits on the reception once in a while and she's the one who's accepting the packages (my handbag packages) for me, and sometimes, I open them in front of her to let her know that my handbags are real and not fakes but STILL she keeps on asking those kind of questions!! Gosh!!
  10. iqaganda - I totally understand ... there is nothing more annoying than people thinking your authentic bags are 'Class A' fakes! Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who really don't understand the pleasure of buying an authentic designer handbag. Those are usually the same people who just assume everyone buys fakes as well.
  11. Hahaha...patient is a virtue. However, it's a truth that you can't avoid that "Class A" is almost similar - hard to differentiate with the real one.

    However, I think what you need to do is just disregard her comment rather than having a head ache about it.
    There're a lot of people in this world who don't understand why do we buy expensive bags lol. That's just people you know, nothing you can't do about it lol.
  12. Sorry about this, but you definitely should ignore her. There is no point in explaining anything to her. It will be a waste of your time and energy because she will not get it literally! :shrugs::shrugs:
  13. Who cares what she thinks? You know your bags are real, you buy them for yourself, not to show them off to her...I wouldn't even worry about this, just laugh it off, it's not possible to make everybody understand how handbag lovers feel about fakes, there's always gonna be somebody who think we are the silly ones spending so much on what they can get for next to nothing at the market...
  14. Thanks for lifting my spirit guys.. Haaaayyyy... I really thought the next thing she's going to ask me is that if I bought my bags from China. Tsk Tsk Tsk..