1. So last June I bought some Chanel earrings in LA and a couple months ago the crystals started falling off. Since theres a Chanel boutique in Nordstrom, I took them back today to see what they could do about it. They told me they could send them off for repair.. But can you believe they're actually going to charge me? I'm really dissapointed that a company and brand like Chanel who are known for their quality jewelry and handbags would not stand buy their product. Of course I didn't say anything because I'm not going to ***** out someone in customer service but it still pisses me off that it wasn't even my fault and they still have the nerve to charge me for some stupid swarovski crystals. And did I mention the stamps of authenticity fell off too? Grrrrr.... Am I right to feel upset? I think they should just give me a new pair. :tdown:
  2. you should bring them to chanel. they will fix them for free. i brought my pearl cc earrings to Saks when the pearls fell out and they gave me a super hard time about it. the day i was going to grudgingly bring them back for repair i happened by chanel and asked about repairing them. they took them, repaired them free and had them back in a week. they know the pearls and rhinestones fall out. they've told me that. which is why the repair them free.
  3. OMG!!! I have been wanting a pair of earrings but after reading this I am having second thoughts. That sucks!!!!

    I have a pair of Chanel glasses and a few of the crystals have fallen out. But they are a few years old and I wear them every day so I can't complain.
  4. There's no Chanel here. The closest one is in California where I bought them. :sad:
  5. Yeah I don't even wear them every day! Maybe like once a week and I always keep them in the box.
  6. I was thinking about buying these...should i be put off?
    How much is retail currently(in UK pounds if anyone knows)
  7. Sorry to hear that! Can you mail them to Chanel? Call them in advance and find out. If you bought them there, you're probably still in their system, so they should fix them for free. Just a thought...
  8. I have many pairs of Chanel earrings with crystals and they have never fallen out........even if there is no Chanel near you, call the one you bought them from and mail it to them if you have to......they should do it for free.

    By the way.....what was the Chanel in Nordstroms going to charge you for the repair????
  9. I also have many Chanel earrings with crystals, and haven't had a problem (thankfully). I'm so sorry the crystals fell out of your earrngs... and I think it's ridiculous that Nordstrom is charging you for what should be a free repair. I agree with LambLovesChanel - the original boutique from where you purchased the earrings should be willing to fix them for free! Good luck! :smile: