Dissapointed with my Mike&Chris Hoodie

  1. So i finally got my hands on a Donovan mike and chris leather hoodie in brown. I have never been so excited in my whole life. I even revolved by whole bf's party outfit this weekend around the jacket, but i dont know if i like it.
    I got a Large according to the measurements but it doesnt fit right. Its too big around the shoulders and chest and gapes at the back and too fitting around the waist so i wont be able to layer it. I put it on and it just didnt say wow to me like it does in the photos. I went to extraordinary lengths to get it and now i feel so deflated.

    Should i go a size smaller? thats even considering there are any out there. Also the leather is quite firm and not as soft as i thought. Am i just being fussy? i just thought considering the price with shipping ( comes quite close to 900 Australian) i want to love it, but i dont.

    Should i try another style ie dylan or maxwell or edison? Or should i just sell it? Can anyone who has a hoodie tell me how the other styles fit? the place i got it from does return but its just the shipping i lose out on which is quite alot as it is international.

    I knew i should have waited for a black hoodie to turn up - its called karma.
  2. It could be just the fit type of that particular jacket, it is just not suitable for your body type...

    If you like the quality of the leather and workmanship , then return it and try a different type fit jacket, the Dylan or maxwell, but if not just return it even though you will lost on the shipping..
    Keeping a AUSD900 jacket and not loving it and not looking good in it is just a waste IMO!
  3. That's not good you're so disappointed. :sad: I adore my Donovan and found the leather to be a lot softer then my other M&C jacket (Jesse).

    The Jesse is more fitted then the Donovan, so you might want to try that style (not sure if it's still available though).

    You might need to go a size smaller, or as antialilac said, it could be the style. I bought the Donovan in 2 sizes because I wanted to compare and be sure.

    Don't get the Dylan though, because it's essentially the same style as the Donovan but with different pockets.

    The Edison has ribbing so that might be better in terms of stretch around the waist. You mentioned the Donovan was too big on top but the waist was too fitted, right?

    Good luck with your decision.
  4. Thanks guys, now i have to look around again. Thats what i thought, im just not loving it and it feels too bulky on me. I will probably return it, i found out the place i bought it from has sold out and dont have any smaller sizes.

    How do you like the maxwell?
  5. I love the Maxwell. I love them all - lol!

    But again, I think the Maxwell is the same shape as the Donovan and Dylan, with different detailing. Plus the Maxwell is 100% lined.