Dissapointed with my 04 Dark Turquoise First

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  1. So I got my Turquoise on Saturday but my dream color turned out to be such a dissapointment! The color is no where near what I thought it would be like in the color swatches or the photos. It does when there is very bright light, but otherwise it looks like a regular dark blue. :crybaby:

    I'm excited that I have a bag in my collection that has silver hardware, but the color is not exciting for me. I thought maybe if I looked at it for a few days, it might grow on me, but it really hasn't.

    I hope the seller lets me return the bag.
  2. oh lizlikeshugs... i'm so sorry to hear that...
    can u please post pics for us to see? i hope you can get this thing sorted out, if u're not liking it, there's no use of keeping it
  3. yes, if you are not happy with the bag, hope the seller allows you to return it
  4. Aww bummer! It does look so lovely and vibrant and aqua in the pics, it's a shame :sad: I'd love to see your pics to see if you can capture it's true color.

    Fingers crossed for the seller offering you a refund, that would be very decent of her/him :smile:
  5. The seller won't take her back =(

    Here are photos though:
  6. 1st and 3rd photo taken with flash.

    Others taken without flash. It's pretty cloudy weather where I'm at today so everything looks super dark.
  7. I wonder why it is called turquoise? I see no green in it.
  8. Throw it back on ebay...I'm sure it will go super fast! Maybe you can even make a few bucks...I think its lovely and you should carry it a while longer. I bet it grows on you and you end up loving it!
  9. looks gorgeous to me liz!! give it a little time and let the weather bring a little sunshine and the turquoise back into that bag! It may just be a sunny day bag!
  10. I am sorry that you don't like it and the seller will not take it back. The color looked so amazing in the pictures.
  11. I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with it. I love the color, especially with the silver hardware. I was also thinking you might want to take it out on a sunny day just to see how you like it.
  12. Aw sorry you aren't happy with it. Just resell it on Ebay. I think it's gorgeous, especially the blue against that pewter hardware! I bet it would look even more beautiful if you took some pics of it in the sunlight. If you took it to LMB to undarken the handles you could probably get a little more from it, like Donna said.
  13. Sorry to hear that! ITA, just resell it on ebay!!
  14. If you can give it awhile more.. you never know what might happen and you might end up falling in love with it! At least keep it over the holidays? Now is a slow time on eBay anyways. But if after the slow time is over and you STILL don't have any love for it - I agree with the others - see if you can find another loving home for it instead! It's win-win and the new owner'll love it and you'll have some cash back in your hands! :biggrin:
  15. I'll wait for one of the 10 cent listing days before selling, that way I don't end up spending $50-$70 in listing fees, final values fee, and paypal fees.

    I'll keep looking at it to see if I change my mind about it, it's pretty, but I'm just not feeling it =/