Dissapointed LV Sighting

  1. Earlier tonight I saw a young girl carrying a Noir Mirage Speedy in the train station, I thought it was beautiful and she obviously has great taste.Then, me and her ended up taking the same train. While I was having the second closer look(I was just sitting behind her), I realized something wrong with her Mirage, the "leaf" part were wrong, no "degrade" effect on the mono canvas, and the lining was brown!!(you can see the ugly handle stitches on the lining too:yucky:). She even had Amarante Vernis Cles and Damier Cigarette Case, I thought they were real, but after knowing her Mirage Speedy was fake, I highly double that. And also, I remember I saw her once in Prada carring a Gold Mirror Speedy, can't really tell if it was real too.

    It was very sad and disappointed to me seeing someone carrying such limited LV bag but realized they were actually fake.

    Anyway, just to share my experience with you guys, I managed to snap a photo of the fake Mirage by my cellphone. It was VERY hard to get that shot in the public transportation without letting anyone know:p

  2. Eww :push:. These fakes come out so quick...
    OT:Your cell phone is pretty good, the pictures are very clear.
  3. lol, took me a long while to find it. I kept looking at the girl in the white shirt thinking "Where in the world is a speedy? I don't see it..." lol
  4. WHAT?!?!? A fake Mirage...?!?! i didn't think they had those, maybe I'm just naive... But I agree, thats VERY disappointing, fakes should not be made/bought etc~! Thankz for sharing this with us~! >.<;;;
  5. I hate hate hate fakers!!!!
  6. I saw alot of fakes in Asia, but the Mirage, too?? Wow! :wtf:
  7. Wow, I am amazed by the clarity of your mobile!!! That is a sad fake, but that's the world we live in. Maybe someone gave it to her.
  8. That was fast. Yuck.
  9. wow, those fakers sure are fast :tdown: im impressed with your mobile phone camera, that's one very clear photo!
  10. I bet the pic's taken by the Nokia N95 or equivalent, lol.
  11. There's a fake for everything!! Doesn't bother me anymore. I know mine is real and I can carry it with pride!!!
  12. I think I saw this fake out before the mirage even came out, I guess they missed the part about the fading, eh? :roflmfao:
  13. Super sucks! But LOVE the quality of your celly! What brand is it?

  14. agree:yes::yes:
  15. when I fist saw the Mirage on the website a few month ago, I did not know there were be fading effect. Maybe that was the time the fake started to be mnanufactured.

    I saw a few fake Miroir too, it is so easy to spot them cos the fake bag could not get the glossy look like the real ones.

    What a failure fake.