Dissapointed in straw...

  1. My Nordstroms got the Straw basket bags:


    as well as the one someone posted with the different color leathers around the edge and the pocket on the front.

    Anyhows, the bag is definitely handheld, and it's soooooo stiff, it won't "crush" close to your body. I'd really be wary of someone reaching inside because the top is soooo open. The other style has a small dog leash closure only.
  2. gutted, that was going to be one of my bag purchases for my vacation :sad:
  3. Yeah, I saw the pieced leather one at Dillards and loved it but it was behind the case. Yesterday, I went to Nordies where they had it out and I totally fell out of love with its stiffness. There is no way a bag that stiff would ever get me to wear it.

    SAD, now, but I got the Oxford tote so hopefully it will live up to its glory.
  4. awww, noooooo. :crybaby: I really wanted this. I was planning to use it with a cute sun dress, maybe to the beach. It jook slooks soo "summer" Anyways, will regular boutiques have it during the PCE, so that I'll be able to see it myself????
  5. yea i saw them in Macy's yesterday in Lenox Mall and i jsut did not like them as much as i did in the picture...one more thing off the wishlist!
  6. For me, if I were to use it as a knitting tote for my knit group, I would be very happy with the open nature of it. I will see if the Macys in MN has them when I buy some perfume on Tuesday.
  7. if you get it on tuesday dawnya could you post pics (modeling as well)...its a bummer that its definately hand held.
  8. I really wanted to get one today too. But my mom told me the same thing. What if they just reach in and grab your wallet. It shouldn't be so wide and open. But I really want one.
  9. I really like the look of them, however they do not look like they would be something I could throw on my shoulder and tuck under my arm. Very pretty though!
  10. The ones with the Lozenges (from the book) look cute too but I would worry about them falling off!
  11. Are you talking about the one with all the little Coach tags from the catalogue? (I didn't know they were called lozenges) Anyway I love that one! Nonetheless, I can not bring myself to spend $700.00 on a straw bag no matter how over the top it is!!! Ahh but a girl can deam.
  12. Yes Donna, the Coach Hangtags. Could you imagine calling Coach CS and saying "the lime and orange hangtag thingees fell off my straw tote today, can you replace them?"...
  13. That 10478 is to die for IRL. The big one is like a big open basket though. The smaller one is cute. Saw them in Nordies today.
  14. Here is the auction on Ebay with the hangtags.
    It's HUGE!:wtf:


    Item number: 320090289505