Dispute without a return addresss

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  1. So I currently have a dispute without a return address to send it to. According to the CC company, you should attempt to return the item to the merchant. Merchant did not give me a return address and did not include one on the package. So where do I go from here? Will contact CC company but just wanted to see if anyone had some advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. Was this for a chargeback or an eBay/PP case?
  3. If you purchased this item on ebay, there is contact info available to you..

    You may need to call PP and explain that you are not able to ship the item

    back as you do not have a return address..they should be able to help you
  4. There is a way to go into ebay and get the seller's contact info. That address should suffice, since it is the registered address of the member. Also, it would help you to contact the member through ebay and paypal and ask for the address to return to. Paypal would also have the address for that member. Call them and explain you have to return the item and need that addy if it's not showing in your item details for you. Make sure you ship via method with tracking, so you can provide to PP and your CC company.
  5. Unfortunately this was off eBay and PayPal would not provide the address for me since they decided the claim in their favor (off eBay so they stated user shipped item) even though it was indeed not authentic. My call to PayPal was absolutely useless. Also, eBay's request for member information does not provide address of seller, only email, name, city, and phone number.

    However, I went through lengths and research to obtain the user's address and information. My AMEX CC states that if I at least attempt to return the item to the user then I should get my credit back.

    If this dispute goes in my favor, I will document this and post my ways so it will help future people who might run into this situation.

    All this just for trying to save a few $ for a gift for the girlfriend (Not a few but I guess you get my point). Guess I know next time not to be cheap. :nono:
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    ETA: NVM.. OP's just posted answer to ALL of my questions!:biggrin:
  7. hm, have you tried calling the seller? sometimes direct contact will get things resolved quickly! record the conversation if possible.
  8. Look up at White Pages via USPS site, type the name and the city/zip code of your Seller. You may find his/her address.