Dispute with seller who sold me a fake

  1. Hey

    I am involved in a dispute with an eBay member who maintains she sold me an authentic dior which was actually a hideous fake. I was kicking myself for falling for it already and now she won't agree to the claim and I'm going to need information about this particular bag and why it is fake.

    I have posted this on the dior forum asking for pictures of people who have the real version of the bag so I can compare pictures to paypal but this may not be enough. What does paypal expect you to do to prove its a fake? Its so obviously a fake but I know I will need something offical to prove it and dior don't authenticate, has anyone else managed to get theirs authenticated.

    This seller tricked me with misleading pictures and is now calling a me a liar when I said the bag was fake. I've even checked with people on this forum who agree it is fake.

    Is there a way I can get it authenticated? Or another way to prove it to paypal?

    Here are some pics of the bag :sad:



    Please help, I'm so unhappy to have a fake bag like this and I can't do anything about it.
  2. Did you check with mypoupette? I know that they do authenticate other brnads beside LV, but I am not sure about Dior.
  3. As above I would go with mypoupette. It has helped people solve their cases in the past. Sorry you have had to go through this
  4. You will need to send photos of the bag to an authenticator - I've used mypoupette.com too as well as give them the auction lising information. It costs $35 and you will not get that back. The authenticator will email you back a letter of authenticity (or not). Mine took less than 24 hours. However, PayPal took three months to complete the refund process. You may want to wait until PayPal tells you to get authentication. Or, if you get it and provide it to the seller, she may go ahead and agree to the refund. But if she is ornery, sounds as if she'll buck it no matter what.
  5. I hope you used a CC!
    If everything else fails, you can do a chargeback.
  6. I was told once by paypal that I would have to take the bag somewhere to be authenticated, or even send it to them...but they really let the ball drop. WHATEVER you do, don't close the claim, and scream your head off until they get tired of you. Call PayPal and speak to live people, don't bother with emails. And, report the seller for internet fraud.
  7. I have just been thorugh the same. If you paid with Paypal start a dispute and escalate to claim immediately. Ask mypoupette.com to provide you with a letter of non-authenticity $35 within 7 days and $50 within 5 days.

    Get this done now. Paypal will ask for this and will give you a time limit.
  8. Unfortunately you also will have to be somewhat agressive with My Poupette as well. I've heard stories about them not responding quickly and in some cases at all. So if you do not hear from them email to double check....

    A shame you have to waste your time doing this!
  9. Carol Diva is the other service that gets recommended a lot on here.
  10. I did use a credit card so I will take it up with my cc company if all else fails.

    Thank you for all your replies its been really helpful and I greatly appreciate all your advice. I'm going to try mypoupette first and I won't give up, I'll keep going till I get my money back off that b***h!
  11. Did you pay by paypal? open the duspute and escalate to a claim. do this now so that paypal can hold the funds before the seller withdraws them!

    Good luck.

    p.s mypoupette.com took ages for my statement and it was only a small paragraph. Sooooo not worth $50. in fact i paid $15 for an authentication then they asked me to pay $50 for a latter and never refunded my $15 and sent the letter late!!

    And...they didn't fax it to paypal either. Not happy with their service at all
  12. open a chargeback with your credit card sooner then later. Its terriable that you have to do all of that just to get your money back on something like this.
  13. Since you paid with a credit card (thank goodness!) notify them immediately! They will suspend the charge until the matter is solved and be sure to follow every bit of advice they give you. The CC company will give you far more protection than Paypal and will themselves deal with Paypal on your behalf. I know since it's happened to me a few times.
  14. I'm glad that you used a CC.
    My BF warned me a long time ago NEVER to use bank transfer or echeck and the likes because paypal can be a pain in the a$$.
    His brother bought a laptop for $2K on eBay and the seller disappeared. Paypal offered to pay back $200. He got the rest refunded by his CC. Imagine what would have happened if he had not used a CC!
  15. I agree.
    But go through caroldiva.com, not mypoupette, they haven't been getting good reviews lately.