dispute with seller over "ocean" bbag

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am actually inquiring for a friend...lol...no i swear--really! hehe...but she purchased what the seller said was an ocean work on eBay, and when it arrived, it was not ocean, but a chewed up version of cornflower. she is in the midst of a dispute with paypal, and finally had to do a charge back on her credit card. after speaking with the credit card company, all she needs to do is get a statement on a letterhead from some "official" source, stating that the bag is not ocean as promised, but cornflower. obviously we are aware that balny wont do this (or we are assuming), but is there anyone online who does this kind of thing? the cc company said that it does not have to be balny itself, but just a neutral third party who is has some knowledge in the area. i have an ocean work, and when she got it, it def did not look like ocean, and the tag has a 2006 letter on it (cannot remember which letter, but its just not a 2007 tag) so we are assuming its cornflower--but def not ocean.

    i am sure that there are some ppl here who have dealt with this sort of thing and did yall have to do the same thing? if so, who would you use for something like that? thanks so much!

    **i hope i posted this is the right place...if not, sorry! :smile:
  2. Oh Kates, I don't know if Bal Ny will do such thing (I doubt they will), isn't that my poupette doing such authenticated as third party ? I just checked their website, here is the service they offer to do, it might be worth to give them a call.

    Good luck, sweetie
  3. i would def try my poupette but if it doesn't work.....maybe you can take a pic of your bag with receipt and card tags indicating the year and season to show them that its def not the bag she agreed to purchase. at least from this stand point you are providing the cc company with accurate info since she knows someone that has the color...assuming the cc co will trust her... then again, if they want an unbiased third party, the mypouptte would be the choice.
  4. So with all this proof that it is truly cornflower-the tag states so itself if it is 2006 as ocean is 2007, the seller still wont budge? How can you argue if the tag states so itself? I can understand if it was a mistake and she thought it was ocean but after you clairfied it with the tag, she still wont do a refund? thats bad. Bal NY doesnt want anything to do with handbags not purchased from them, even if you bought it at Bal Paris, they have nothing to do with it. Perhaps RDC can help?
  5. The tags/cards showing the season are pretty basic information, and the season by season colors. In addition to looking for an authenticator, she could refer interested parties to the PF reference section for the basics. This is an issue of color misrepresentation, probably by someone who didn't know what they were talking about and unaware of how much difference it would make (assuming, of course, that the bag is authentic but just not the color it was represented to be).
  6. oh bless yall! :heart: i am going to get her to try my poupette, and maybe RDC. those are good ideas! its pretty amazing...this girl has been horrible. she wont budge and the silver plate is an 06 letter! whatever it is, its not ocean. also, there are pen spots all over the bag that she never disclosed in the listing or in subsequent emails!--she went so far as to say that my friend put the marks on there! as for the color, she said that she "thought" it was ocean, but she put ocean in the title! also in subsequent emails she said she bought it this season! its crazy! i will let yall know, its a nightmare, and thanks again for yalls help :smile: