Dispute...I think? Not sure what the Seller is saying

  1. I just received a handbag that I won on eBay. I knew when I took it out of the box it was not in the same condition as the one pictured. The more I looked at it I could tell it had been cleaned with a harsh chemical and areas of the leather looked rubbed , gritty and dried out. The handbag was described as in excellent condition.

    I asked many question of the seller prior to buying the item...ie any smoke smells, stains, soiling etc.
    The reply was that none of the above were present that the bag was in excellent condition bla bla bla. I was also redirected to look at the pictures to see the handbag's condition by the seller. The ad also claims that the buyer needs to reveiw the pictures prior to buying as all sales are final and no refunds.

    The pictures of the bag in the auction looked great and seemed like they mirrored what the seller described in my emails.

    I have since contatced the seller and told her my thoughts and concerns. She has agreed to refund. So far so good right??????

    Well, now she tells me that she will refund the money when eBay tells her that I agree to the terms of the resolution. I assume that it is equal to "mutually withdrawing" I have never gone through eBay to resolve an issue when returning an item. It is usually between the seller and myself.

    What route is this seller using? The only response I got from her is that she wants to have her fees from ebay refunded. Is this a strike against me?

    She is also refusing to refund shipping. Normally I am OK with that but, in this case it is not my fault that the "item is not as described" To make matters worse.......she has a new item just like mine listed today USING THE EXACT SAME PICS:cursing:

    So there is NO WAY that the pictures are of the bag the buyer will receive. Yet the ad states it is.

    I know I am venting a little (sorry) but, I feel that this is wrong.

    Am I wrong here? Uggggg. I just want to figure out what is going on with this sellers actions going through ebay.

    Wonder if I should file "item not as described" through ebay?

    Any thought would be appreciated!!!!!!:heart:
  2. File a not as described through Paypal and skip Ebay, as they will charge you 25.00!
  3. Also when you file a snad through paypal, they will refund your original shipping. You still have to pay to ship it back though.
  4. I'm pretty sure getting her fees refunded definitely means you will get a strike against you. Which you definitely DON'T deserve, nor should you go along with it. AND she won't refund shipping? I agree with the other replies that you should just file a dispute through paypal. No strike against you and you only have to pay to ship the bag back to her. Just make sure that you get signature confirmation (not just delivery) if it's over $250.00. Good luck!
  5. Here is the response that I just received from her. This is following the email that I sent her asking how is one suppsoe to use the pictures (for condition detail) when bidding if she uses the same pic for each bag.

    Quote from her email:

    Now when I look at her new auction she has omitted the part that states to the buyer to check the photo for details before bidding. So now that she has realized that she is wrong and needed to change.....why not just say so. I have been nothing but, nice and polite.

    She is demanding the bag be in the mail by tomorrow.

    Don't I need to hold off until Pay Pal tells me which way to go?

    Or should I just send her the bag and hope she refunds as promised?

    I just feel she is going to make a claim against me.....I have never come against this before. Not sure what to do:confused1:

    BTW.....what type of dispute or claim can she make against me?
  6. She will not get a strike if it is a mutual agreement to withdrawal. However, I wouldn't agree to one UNTIL you have your money.

    I wouldn't bother contacting her anymore, file a snad with paypal and let her respond. If she is not willing to give you your purchase price plus original shipping cost just escalate to a claim. Send it with DC or sig con. and give paypal the #'s and once it shows delivered you will recieve your refund with in a few days.

    I believe in given the seller the benefit of the doubt, but once they are snotty and snide I don't bother...don't need the headache. Let paypal deal with it.
  7. This sounds just like a situation I had with a seller - the pics did not match the bag and she was NASTY in all her communication with me. I wonder if it's the same seller? Is she from SoCal?
  8. The only thing they will want is proof of deliver...and make sure to insure it.

    She will open an unpaid item dispute, this is only to get her fees back. All you have to do is let ebay know (once they send you the UPI) that the seller refunded your money and you mutually agreed to withdrawal from the transaction. You will not get a strike for that.

    It is just the way ebay knows that a seller is not trying to get their fees back just to get them back. They really should come up with another process for it because it really freaks people out when they see an Unpaid item opened against them.

    I forgot...I would take pictures of the bag so you have proof of the condition you recieved it.

    Don't worry about what the lady wants you to do...she sounds like a bully. Just file the claim with paypal and they will walk you through it, it is simple.

    Good luck

  9. Thank you for your response!!!! I think that makes some sense. She is going to file a mutual agreement which has to also have my approval. But, if I send the item tomorrow and she changes the terms ...like the amount of refund. What leverage do I have without the item? I can't file through Pay Pal without the item.
  10. I would just go ahead and file the claim if you don't think that she is going to follow through with the agreement. You can go ahead and send the bag back, but keep proof of delivery because paypal will ask for it. If she responds with anything but a full refund of original price and shipping then I would escalate the claim and let paypal deal with it.

  11. I am concerned after her emails got nasty that she might not follow through. So I can file an item not as described dispute through Paypal......then I could see where it goes from there. Should I notify my credit card company(my method of payment thru PP) of the dispute...or wait?

    Part of me thinks she will follow through. I think all she wants is her ebay fees and no negative feedback.

    Thank you.....everyone has been such a great help to me.

    PS:4hteluvof-it.....taking pictures is a great idea....I will do that tonight!!!!
  12. If you file a SNAD with Paypal they will instruct you not to return the bag until there is a response back from the seller...Paypal will inform you when to return the bag---Seller should not have relisted it until this was resolved. If the seller does not reply to the SNAD within 10 days you will get purchase price and shipping refunded...good luck!
  13. i personally would take pic and send the bag back with signature confirmation and insurance and give her 24 hours from receipt of bag then file a snad. i have had to return bags and have gotten my money back..all of it...
  14. I would not wait for her to have the bag back to file the SNAD claim. I would file it immediately and get PP involved now. I would then follow their instrucutions if they tell you to send the bag back.
  15. Well...update.......I have done just as you have indicated.

    I have filed a dispute with Pay Pal. After looking over all the emails that I received from this seller, I decided that I will not deal with this person without Pay Pal. There was a statement made in one of them by the seller that I had to agree to the "mutual withdrawal" first before my money would be refunded. Then she added that it is because buyers don't follow through and she has to give them a STRIKE(neg. feedback .) She does not get her fees back if the buyer does not complete this. ...............Well this just got to me in a bad way. This is feedback extortion. It is wrong.

    The tone of the emails has become bullyish and I just have a bad feeling . The only thing that will happen at this point is that I will communicate with the seller only through Pay Pal. Hopefully this will resolve. But, if not it will elevate to the point that it will need intervention by Pay Pal resolution and my of course my credit card company as a back up.

    I took many pictures and packed up the box and it is ready to go. I will send it via USPS insured with signature confirmation. I don't see any point in waiting to mail it because we are still at the level that it is just the seller and I still trying to resolve this but, we are doing it through the Pay Pal forum. It is my understanding that as long as Pay Pal can confirm that the seller has the returned item then I can move forward. I hope I understand this right! I have been trying to read all the fine print on the Pay Pal site.