Dispute Console???

  1. i bought a fake b bag of ebay and now i asked the buyer for a money return they stated that its a 7day money return. Although i payed direct deposit when i purchased the bag so what are the chances of gettin my money back this way?The seller told me if i wanted my money back i had to go through the dispute console in ebay, i read through the terms, and one of them was i had to produce from a repitable sourse ( a letter stating the bag has been examined and that it a fake ). How do u get a shop to write such letter of authenticity? has anyone else gotten someone to do that for them? and how should i dispute this claim? its gonna take so long and i have no idea of how to go about it? if anyone has done this before could they please give me some tips? URGENT NEED OF HELPPPP!!!!!!! :hysteric: thanks
  2. it sound slike the seller wants you to jump throught hoops...

    did you use paypal? if so, "open an item not described dispute" and wait for paypal's instructions. at some point they will ask for proof, it could be just photos or some kind of proof of authentication.
  3. Missthing,

    actually i made direct bank payment so that probably makes it harder to retreive the money back right?? But its definite the seller is setting out to do this so that i cannot be stuff to go through the mess and keep the bag.
  4. but did you do the direct payment via Paypal?