Disposing of Designer Handbags - toss them out?

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  1. I did not find any threads on this topic, but it got me thinking... have any of you ever disposed of a designer bag? If your bag got to the point where it was very beat up (I'm not sure mine ever will since I take such good care of them), what would you do with it? Toss it? I think that would be very difficult, but I wouldn't want to keep around a nasty bag, designer or not!

    I ask this because I saw some listings on *bay selling these disgusting LVs, and I was just thinking they really should be discarded, they were in such gross condition.
  2. Well, buying a bag that's slightly beat up has never been an issue to me - I like things that are worn in! But maybe for something that's too gross to even be tolerable, I'd pass. If something is passable that it can be carried without falling apart, I'd consider taking inventory of the good girls in my life - kids who show lots of character, hard-working teenagers, and give it away!
  3. I don't think - bar the greatest of luck - I will ever have what is considered a lot of designer goods and so I don't see myself getting rid of them. If they should ever get really beat-up, they'd go in the dustbag and sit in my closet. It'll always be something I really wanted and worked hard to get, I wouldn't part with it.
  4. Yes I toss it in the garbage if it is beyond ruined. Something that is slightly damaged or stained I'd give it to someone or donate it to the church.
  5. Sometimes, there could be something wrong with a bag that is just enough that I won't use it anymore, but my sister would. You could always donate it...if they thought it was trash and threw it out, then you wouldn't have to feel bad.
  6. Please don't throw any bags away! (exceptions would be if they are moldy or puked in). No matter where you live, there will be a local charity that accepts clothes and accessories for donations - either in person, or those bins that are found in parking lots almost everywhere. Even if a bag is stained, there are people out there far more creative than I am and will dye it or use the leather/fabric for other things.
  7. I agree with Lex, you can donate them and they can sell them to someone cheap or you can try *bay and if you say over and over about the condition including pics so you wont be held liable and start bidding out super cheap I'm sure there's someone that will still buy. Some people like to take the hardware off and do things with it etc. I had an old coach that I took the brass zipper pulls off and put them on my keychain.