disposable black flats

  1. Ladies I need your help. I've been on the hunt for super cheap (i'm talking 40 or under) black flats...the shoes I'll wear when it's snowy and cant wear heels type deal. I want them to be relatively plain (so that they go with everything), but at this point i'm taking any good suggestions!!! PICTURES please!
  2. Sorry, no pics, but just go to payless or someplace where they have super cheap shoes. If you're going to walk around in the snow (and the salt, and later the mush), you could get a couple of pairs and rotate them - allow one to dry while the other is worn.

    It might even be a plus that they're not leather as they would be more waterproof? Although flats in the snow are not likely to protect your feet much.
  3. true. It's more for when it's icy and the big heals are more of a danger :smile: I guess I'm not impressed with this seasons odd flats designs....patent tips, ugly big bows, big gaudy fake gems on the tips....
  4. You probably already looked @ Payless, but I actually tried on this pair & it was pretty cute. Of course, I already have black flats, so... :sweatdrop:
  5. Have you looked at Nordstrom.com sale section? They have some pretty cute low-key flats for under $40... Or if there is a rack nearby that would be a great place too. I bought my Paolo flats last year for about $29 (down from $89) and wore them a lot but they don't look worn out at all.

  6. Haha, you THINK I would have looked there....but I didn't :smile: Going to give them a loot soon!!! Thanks!!