Displaying Pocket Squares?

  1. This year I have collected quite a few pocket squares (mostly H and some vintage non-H) and I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on how to display them? I don't want to frame them because I usually wear a different one every day.
    I was thinking of maybe tying a bunch of them on a handle of a vintage bag? (Loosely so they won't get wrinkled.)
    Any other ideas? I'd love to be able to see them all the time instead of having them hide in their boxes. :shame:
  2. You're going to laugh, but I roll my scarves (I have a ton, not including the Hermes) into little rolls and put them standing on end in a basket. The basket is just big enough that they can stand upright in them. It looks like a bouquet of scarves.
  3. Oh HG that sounds so pretty! I do that with my yarn collection but never thought of scarves! :flowers: