Displaying China in China Cabinet

  1. Hi All... I just got a china cabinet and I now want to put up my place settings. I have groove in the back of the china cabinet on each shelf. I'm thinking that the plates go back there, but when I put a plate back there it seems very unstable. Does anyone have an suggestions? TIA!
  2. use museum putty or museum clear gel. holds very well and comes off very very easily. the stuff i have is reusable. Amazon.com has it. mine comes in a small jar and i use it for my jade figurines to stick onto their wooden stands. great stuff and, yes, museums do use it.
  3. They make plate display holders that they sell at craft stores. My mom uses them to display GG china in the cabinet.
  4. Those are what I use. They come in a variety of colors and sizes! LOVE THEM!