Display item question

  1. Hi all,

    Today I went to the Sydney store to purchase the MC agenda PM.

    After checking out the one on display I asked for a new one from the back, the SA happily agreed, but soon she came back and told me that they usually only order one for the entire store, put it on display and will only order new one if the one on display is sold.

    I asked if its been on display for a while, because it has started to patina as its already turned honey brown.

    She assured me its only been put on display for a couple of days, and that this is a very popular item so they get sold pretty quickly. I dont really believe her because if its so popular why dont they order more than one?
    In the end I left my number and asked her to call me when new stocks come in, she told me that shes not sure when they'll get new stocks. I begin to feel shes being abit pushy.

    Even my bf notcied and commented on the agenda vachetta when he saw the MC PTI with almost white vachetta.

    I dont mind if its a display item provided that it hasnt been there long enough to developed patina.

    So do you think they've sold out and the only one left was the display, the SA wanted to make a sale and tried to sell the display to me or I'm being too picky? :shrugs:

    Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. no your not being picky! Even when I got my damier speedy and bucket (now returned) i asked for new ones, and they dont even have vachetta! Imo these bags are for life, and they should be PERFECT when you get them! She was probably being pushy, so i say just wait for a fresh one! xx could you ring the other stores?
  3. nope I agree with luva you're not being picky she was probably trying to sell you stock that has been on display for a while, the patina takes at least a month to turn a honey yellow brown, she was probably trying to move older stock. Try calling the other sydney store. Good Luck!
  4. I don't think you're being too picky at all ! If you want an item, you should get a perfect one. Plus Vuitton does account for the fact that display items may not get sold because they have started to patina, and have their own method of dealing with that - rather than simply trying to sell them to customers.
  5. I would hold out for a new one. For the money you are spending you want something new and perfect.
  6. Not picky- you get the perfect item for you or don't get it at all!
    Good luck finding exactly the right one!
  7. I wouldn't have bought it either. Hold out for a new one definately.
  8. Thanks everyone! :heart: I feel much better now.

    I did call the other store, according to their system they do have 1, I asked if it was a display, they put me on hold to check...but they cant located.

    I guess I'll just wait.:yes:
  9. Good luck! You did the right thing.
  10. yeah don't do it, I bought my MC wallet (the small cards and coins thingy) a few ys ago and it was also a display, the last in the store (mc was new back in those days) and I didn't feel like waiting. the patina was allready very brown and afterwards I regretted it because i think the patina is "personal" and should be patina'd by you!
  11. No way, you were not being too picky! I don't think I would want a display item either - especially when you think about how many people have touched it and everything and how many times it has fallen on the floor, etc.
  12. I would have done the same thing.
  13. Wait for a new one, when spending that much money, you want it to b perfect!
  14. I agree with everyone else - you were perfectly reasonable to want a brand-new one. The display one has obviously been touched a lot and why wouldn't you want it to patina on its own in your hot little hands?!
  15. The same thing happened to me last week! I went to buy a pochette wallet and the SA pulled out a wallet that had clearly been handled quite a bit. When I opened the wallet, the leather was slightly wrinkly and didn't seem brand new. I asked her for another one and she said they didn't have any others but that it was basically new. I don't want something that's "basically new". I decided to pass on it and went to another LV store the next day. The SA there immediately went to the back and brought me a new wallet (I didn't have to ask her). She told me that the ones in the drawer up front had been touched too much...and that when you're spending your money it should be perfect!!! I was glad that she recognized this and didn't have to be asked to bring out a fresh one. I promptly purchased that wallet. I think you did the right thing.