disneyland tokidoki called mickeydoki!!

  1. ok so I didn't take a pic but they have some really cute bags called mickeydoki at disneyland and they have the baby disney characters on it around the theme park. They have two style bags, one is like the ciao ciao and the other is like the bella. They also have a large checkbook sized wallet. The prices were pretty good, I think the bella style was like $26.

    Anywho, just thought I'd post. I thought it was funny that they called it mickeydoki.

    I saw them at California Adventure park at the shop across from the Ariel restaurant.
  2. hahaha that's cute :biggrin: I wonder if they have those at DisneyWorld too ... I'd get one for fun :yes:
  3. waiiit?! was this real tokidoki stuff?? Like tokidoki collaborated with Disney?? or did disney just knockoff the tokidoki name?
  4. disney does knockoffs of everything. look on eBay for lesportsac mickey. the bags aren't lesportsac, but they're copies of their styles. they also do a 'vera bradley' type thing with mickey ears, i saw that at disney world last month. they were actually pretty cute. questionable quality, but cute.
  5. I did a search on e-bay but there were no listings . Anyone have a picture of these bags ? My husband , my 20 month old son , and I are going to Disneyland in June . Where in Disneyland are these bags sold ? Speaking of Disneyland off the topic but my husband and I had just begun searching for hotels . Do you ladies have any in mind ? We want to within walking distance from Disneyland or if the hotel offers free shuttles that ok too . Thanks ladies
  6. oooh i love disney! i just got a donald tee and plush yesterday:smile: i would love to see a picture of the bag! maybe i'll see it when i go to disneyland in the spring...
  7. yeah if anyone goes to disneyland soon, I want to see pics... cause i love baby disney characters/disneyland/tokidoki... even if it is a tokidoki knockoff (shame on disney!)
  8. the only place I saw it (not that I was really looking for it) was that store i mentioned above in the original post.

    As far as hotels, there is a one (can't remember the name right now) that is attached to the CA Adventure park. I heard it's pretty cool.

    check out this link:
  9. I saw this today at one of the Main Street U.S.A. shops in Disneyland! I was so close to getting the hobo bag Mickeydoki (even though I'm not a huge fan of hobo bags) cos the design is SO CUTE.

    Sadly, I didn't get a picture of it as I just ran across this thread and didn't know others were curious about it. I'll be going back on Tuesday so I'll take a picture of it then if anyone still wants to see.
  10. Please take a picture Chisame ! I can't find any listings on e-bay . I really want to see a picture , I'll be in Disneyland in June but I don't think I can wait until then ! What type of bags did you see besides the hobo bag ? How were the prices ?
  11. I'd loooove to see a picture of this, from what everyone's saying, it sounds super super cute !
  12. It isn't, PianoGirl04. The Mickeydoki print mimics the colorful tokidoki/LeSportsac prints like Vacanze or Transporto. The characters used on the print are the cutie/baby versions of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc. No substitute for a real td/LeSportsac bag, of course, but the print is very cute... I also looove Disney stuff so I'm partial to it already. xD
  13. Oooh, it's kind of cute! I :heart:Disney! I'd love to hear about the quality of the bags and prices. Thanks for sharing the pics!!