Disneyland ticket deals?

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  1. Any deals for disneyland tickets?? anything at costco recently? I checked the disneyland website, but none of those deals fits my needs! Thanks!
  2. If you're a So Cal resident, they are having the 2 for 1 deal right now. You can visit both parks (Disneyland and CA Adventure) on 2 separate days for the price of 1 ticket. I heard it on the radio this morning...not sure how long the deal is going on for.
  3. I was going to say that. :P Disneyland almost always gives some form of a discount to people who live in So Cal!
  4. mousesavers.com usually has some good deals
  5. Disneyland has their 2fer going on right now. I don't know if that's something you would be interested in. Or if you're in so cal. Before we bought our annual passes we used to buy tickets from some seller on ebay. He sold the one day hoppers for $50! We buy them when we take my brothers with us still.
  6. I guess we were all thinking the same thing. lol.
  7. thanks everyone! I have an annual pass but my mom and brother wanted to go. I might get the 2 day park hopper for my brother (its like $91, lets you park hop for 2 days- must be used within 30 days).
    My mom wants to go too, but only once, and does not want to pay full price! we got a free admission coupon in the mail a few years ago and she was hoping for one of those again.

    I checked out mousesavers.com and it's a great site!
  8. i was just in cali last month, im in college so we didnt have that much money to jerk around and pay full price for tickets. so what we did was look at craigslist, there was a bunch listed for various prices. we did end up finding a lady who was selling 2 adult & 1 child ticket for $50. so that was a deal. she said she bought the 5 day thing, but theres only one day left, so we used up her single day. the person i was with & i ended up looking for someone to sell the child tickets to. we ended up charging someone just $30 for the child (i think retail was close to $60-80?

    we still laugh with how we both got into disneyland for $10 each. and that was a great deal... so yeah, keep searching for tickets on craigslist, you'll never know.
  9. cool beebz.. gonna check!!
  10. you should also see your Company's HR department. Usually they have deals or specials for disneyland as well
  11. lol i wish! I'm a college student and the deal here is not very good at all.. only $3 off!!