Disneyland question...

  1. we are planning a vacation in March in the LA area. Can you please tell me if it's worth going to Disneyland if my kids are only 5 and 3 yrs old. Or should we just go to Legoland (i saw on their website that they have a dinosaur land- they LOVE dinosaurs) Please tell me if it's worth going to these places:
    Knotts Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, Aquarium of the Pacific, Queen Mary and Hollywood Wax Museum...

    Thanks so much for your help. I checked out all their websites and they all seem okay, just want to know from those who have been there some feedbacks... thanks again
  2. Yes its worth it :smile: Every kid deserves to go to Disney when their little! :smile:
  3. I :heart: Disneyland, so my answer is bias. I think it's always worth it to go to Disneyland. I took my nephew who was only 3 then to Disneyland once, and he loved it. He couldn't ride a lot of "adult" rides, but there are some kiddie rides that he really enjoyed. If you do go, don't miss the parade and firework.

    I personally don't care for Legoland, but perhaps that's because first time I went, I was already in college. It was just too young for me. But young children will enjoy it.

    Magic Mountain is mostly roller coasters, so unless you enjoy roller coasters, this may not be the best choice. Most ppl love roller coasters, but I don't, so Magic Mountain would not be my first choice.

    I haven't been to the others you mentioned, so I cannot comment on them. I've been to Wax Museum in other cities, but not the Hollywood one, so I won't comment on that.

    Hope that helps a bit :smile:
  4. I went to Knott's Berry Farm when I was 13, I'm not sure if that's geared toward the younger ones or not. I think they might be a bit bored at the Wax Museum. I personally love the wax museums, but since the statues aren't interactive, I'm not sure if that age group would appreciate them.
  5. I think Disneyland would be great for them!
  6. Definately!!! They will love it!
  7. I hate Disneyland. But its a really great place for children. Its a really memorable place even for small children. Magic Mountain has a very small area dedicated for children. Although it does have the craziest roller coasters in SoCal. I only go to Knotts during Halloween. Its nothing too special. I've been wanting to go the Aquarium for some time. I've heard its fun.
  8. Legoland is NOT worth it. disney is so much better.... i have season pass :smile:
  9. Definetly go to Disneyland! It is geared just for kids in your age bracket!
    Magic Mountain: With your age group of children I would save my money. It's really more for teenagers & adults.
    Knotts Berry: Not really good for your age group of children.
    Wax Museum: They'll probably be bored.
    LegoLand: Kind of iffy. We took my stepson at age 9 and he loved it...and I know people who've taken 7 year olds and loved it. Your kids might be a bit young.

    I would focus most of your time at Disneyland if the goal is a kid's-oriented vacation! Check out the Disneyland Hotel...they have several pool areas and a character breakfast, where the Disney characters stop by your table and joke around with you while you're eating.
  10. Knotts Berry Farm- nope
    Lego Land- eh... just okay.
    Magic Mountain-too scarey for little ones. IMO
    Wax Museum-yawn
    Disneyland- yes! They are young, but you can stick to the areas of the Park that are good for that age: Goofy's kitchen, Toon Town, It's a small World, etc. Add the Fireworks on Friday and they'll be thrilled!
  11. Your kids are going to LOVE Disneyland!! I'm 19 (soon to be 20) and I still love it!! I vote to go to Disneyland instead of Legoland. I havent been to the other attractions though so I cant comment on those but given your kids' ages, I dont think they'll like the Wax Museum much
  12. For sure Disneyland! I worked there in high school and there were always young kids there. Wax museum closed down about 4 months ago, due to lack of interest. I would stay away from Knotts, it has gone downhill and is sorta boring. The best part of D-land is your kids will be so tired they will sleep for a week!
  13. I couldn't have said it better :smile:
  14. Disneyland!!!! Even if the kids don't remember it much when they are older, you will! My parents still talk about the time I asked Goofy to marry me when we went to Disney when I was 4 (I'm 22 now) LOL. It enjoyable for adults too... my mom and I went for a day this past summer.
  15. Oh and the Aquarium is great!!! Plan to spend maybe up to 2 hours there, depending on the attention span of the kids. Most kids, even the young ones, really love the way they exhibit the fish and other sea creatures. It is very nicely done. I go about 2x per year, but I live in Long Beach. By the way, be sure to plan your driving around the traffic issues we have here, ask someone who lives here where and when to go to your destinations. Or just ask us!
    The Queen Mary is probably very boring for kids, as it is just the ship itself, you can walk through and see rooms and things they were "back then". I think kids would be bored since it is really sort of a historical tour. The Queen and the Aquarium are almost next door to each other in Long Beach.