Disneyland fashion?

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  1. So I'm going to Disneyland in a few weeks and feel the need to buy some new clothes. I want something stylish and comfy. I will definitly be wearing flip flops or my Tory Birch flats. Any suggestions? It's supposed to be around 75º but I might need a cardigan for night.
  2. pleated shorts
  3. sounds like a good time of year to go since you will be standing in lots of long lines for rides. it's a good temp to wear some jeans and a cute top. i usually wear my sevens in the new york dark wash with a splendid tee and a safari style jacket. on my feet i wear my cole haan mary jane sneakers. definitley wear comfortable shoes and don't carry too large and heavy a handbag. you will have to hold onto it tightly on some rides. a spring trench coat would be great for the evening.
  4. I would also go for jeans (comfortable, but still good looking and sexy) and a cute top. For the evening I would just take a plain black cardigan and a nice scarf.