Disney x Coach Hangtag

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  1. I got one of the hang tags today and all I can say is WOW. They really stepped up their game from previous special edition hangtags. This tag is thicker, larger and 3 dimensional. Mickey's widows peak, eyes, and nose are raised. The ball chain is one of the more hefty ones too. I took a photo comparing it to my first release Peanuts Lucy hangtag. If these are truly going for $25 they are well worth the price.

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  2. Oh, very nice!!
  3. Nice. Thanks for sharing the info!
  4. Very nice. I like the 3 dimensional aspect. May purchase one.
  5. Good to hear. Thanks for sharing. I'm making my list now. These will be included. :graucho:
  6. Nice. I stopped using my Woodstock hang tag out of fear of losing it. It kept coming off my bag.
  7. That does look very nice, looks big too(i have a Peanuts woodstock HT)
  8. I am in constant fear of this happening. I have three attached to my Snoopy bag and they've stayed on perfectly. I sewed the hangtags and feathers onto my Dakotah.
  9. Hi, do you know when is the Asian launch of this collection? TIA
  10. Thank you for the pictures! I need the whole set of this hangtag, plus maybe bookmarks too lol
  11. Great comparison pictures. Thanks for taking the time. Yesterday, I purchased my hangtags and the hangtag set, which I did not expect them to be so big.
  12. Very very nice! Thank you!
  13. That is the only Mickey face I'm missing in my collection :sad:
    It is so cute.
  14. They have them all over eBay, so you can finish your collection. :tup:
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  15. Prices are high and shipping to UAE is very high, so eBay is out for me. :sad: