Disney World - kids, times, resorts... HELP!!!

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  1. Okay, there are tons of threads on Disney, but there's no way I could find all of my answers without reading through them all.
    First off, we want to go in 2010. Our 2 kids will be 5 and 6 years-old. Do you think that these are good ages to go?
    Second, how many days are enough with young kids?
    Third, what is a good time of year to go with decent weather and less crowds being the motivating factors? We're thinking maybe September or October.
    And last but not least, recommendations of some centrally located resorts. We're thinking mid to high-end.
    Thanks for any advice/suggestions!
  2. September will probably be the best time to go. It will be less crowded and less hot/humid!
  3. I'd go in October....September is still really hot :smile: I highly recommend checking out the DIS forums or mousesavers.com. You can get all kind of great tips on when to travel (i.e. if you travel during value season you'll get the best deals).

    As for resorts....if you want to be centrally located you'll want a deluxe resort on the monorail....Polynesian, Contemporary, Grand Floridian. We stayed at the Polynesian and it was really neat! Has a Lilo & Stitch theme :smile:

    I think your kids ages are great!

    As for time....if you really want to see all 4 parks, then I would advise at least 4-6 days. We made it through all of them in 3 1/2 days, but we're adults and we skipped all the kid stuff and we had also been to Disneyland and so we skipped the duplicate rides.
  4. are your kids in school how many days can they miss thats also a big factor . my kids can only miss 5 days total more than 10 they flunk out and have to redo the grade
  5. we want to stay at the cabin you can rent on disney wilderness lodge
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    1st -There is SO MUCH stuff for little kids, especially at Magic Kingdom. I don't have kids, but my friends who do have been taking their kids there around the 5 year mark. Their kids loved it. They should be tall enough to get on most of the rides.

    2nd- You want at least 2 days for Magic Kingdom, 1-2 for Epcot (Normally Epcot is a 2 day park, but while kids usually like Future World, many kids hate the countries - which is too bad, the countries are a lot of fun), 1 for Studios, and 1 for Animal Kingdom. Are you thinking of DisneyQuest or the waterparks? Seaworld? Universal?

    Some of my friends w/young kids would go to the bigger parks (Magic and Epcot) 1st thing in the morning, leave around 1pm and let the kids nap or swim in the pool, and then come back in the early evening for parades and fireworks.

    3rd - Mid- Sept and January tend to be the least crowded times. DH and I have passes, so we go pretty frequently. Sept will still be HOT, Jan, the temps range from 40's to 70's.

    4th - The Contemporary is near the Magic Kingdom, and it's nice enough for kids. There's a monorail that takes you directly to MK. Mind you, MK is kind of far from the other parks, but since you have kids, it'll probably be your focal point. Wilderness Lodge is another MK resort and it's also quite nice. I dislike the Polynesian, which is in the same area. The Epcot resorts (Yacht Club, Boardwalk) are close to both Epcot and Studios, but MK will be a hop. I like Animal Kingdom lodge a lot (great food, animals everywhere, beautiful resort), but that's really only near Animal Kingdom. Caribbean is pretty, but it is HUGE, and may require a lot of walking to even get to a bus stop.

    Websites - www.mousesavers.com
  7. We went in September of 2008 when our oldest was 3- she LOVED it then, and the weather was hot, but not terrible. October would probably be really nice, if you can go then. We're going back in April, when she'll be 4 1/2 and her sister will be 7 1/2 months, and she cannot wait. We've got a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, princess lunches and breakfasts, and lots of rides planned. I think you're picking a great age to take them.

    As for where to stay- the first time we stayed offsite the first time at a Marriott Residence Inn, which was nice since we got a 1 bedroom suite for a much more affordable price than most Disney resorts, but it didn't really fit the Disney vacation ideal that we wanted. This time, we've got a 1 bedroom suite at Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It has a nice waterpark area for the kids, and a nice pool for us. Also, with the 1 bedroom, we can put the kids to bed and still have our own space for a few hours. No idea how that will be, but we've got a savannah view which I'm really excited about, and all the reviews look good, so I'm hoping it will be great.

    I think you'd be good with 5-6 days- any longer, and you might get disney'd out unless you're a fanatic. We went for 7 days that first trip, and included SeaWorld in our visits, and hanging out with friends, just so we didn't overload on Disney. This time around, we're going for 6 days.

    We're also renting a car, as the waits for busses seem to vary widely, and we don't want to waste any time.

    You might want to sign up for the mousesavers.com newsletter, and check with smallworldvacations.com to help plan it- they have both been very helpful for me this time around in planning everything.
  8. I vote for October, September in FL is still hot and hurricane season is still in high action until the middle of the month and also it rains alot in FL during the month of September

    The best time I have been told by people, I live in FL, is during the Superbowl that weekend and the first weeks in December but never go during Thanksgiving or Winter break

    The water parks are closed from Nov. to May, my children loved them more than the theme parks
  9. Thanks everyone for your input so far. I'm leaning towards October, maybe a 5-day trip, and Animal Kingdom is top on my list of places to stay. We're not so much interested in water parks, but Sea World might be nice.
  10. We went Superbowl weekend and it was really comfortable! And super cheap too :smile:
  11. this disney water park, my kids loved it more than any place


    make sure you have down days where you just hang because disney can over load kids
  12. Thanks, but my kids can't even really swim yet. I mean, they can go under water and paddle around, but I wouldn't exactly call that swimming. They are certainly not old enough for water slides. I think that a resort pool would be more than sufficient for our down time.

  13. The Animal Kingdom Lodge has programs for kids - I forget what they call them - some sort of explorers camp.

  14. sorry, living in S.FL swimming is a saftey issue here, drowning #1 killer of children, I forgot not every part of the country has this but I should have growing up in NY and never had to learn to swim

    but if you ever want to do a waterpark my son still talks about Blizzard Beach and he was 4 when we took him, he is now 10

    I get this email called Disney insider here is the link that you can sign up:



    hope the links work, if not you can PM me and I will forward them to your email, sometimes I lack simple computer skills :P
  15. renting a house is a great option. My brother has 2 kids one is 5 and the other 18 months. They rent a house they said the kids go to bed at 7 or 730 so they want the rest of the house plus they have their own pool. He just went for 9 days and loved it.