Disney teaches Kids to discriminate...

  1. again, i still dont think disney movies discriminate against anybody bcux im not american and i've only been to the state and know about the discriminate "things" in a couple years.
    myself enjoyed (and still, and will) disney movies (animated and others) but did not see anything against anybody.

    all the facts i gave and sometime added on to some of your comments bcux that was exactly i pointed out to my professor and that was what he said.

    thanks guys. and keep them coming
  2. thats exactly the point I was making in my last post. if you have not lived with discrimination and felt it first hand, then you wouldn't really recognize it when you saw it. it is not a flaw by any means, just a product of your own experience. :yes:
  3. I agree. Naturally, those least affected by discrimination of any sort are those who aren't subject to it.

  4. I know what you are saying, Bagn...I think.

    I am white - so although I have dealt with many types of discrimination, it has not been about the color of my skin. As such, I don't pick up all the subtle nuances of racial discrimination; of course Song of the South is blatantly a racist film, but I never walked around thinking the crows in Dumbo were "black" - they were animals! Crows who helped Dumbo to fly. I'm sure there are more instances than that, just can't think of one off the top of my head.

    I don't like discrimination of any kind, and think of myself as sensitive to others, but discrimination is not the first and foremost thing on my mind, especially watching a Disney movie - so I'm definitely not as sensitively tuned in to the nuances as a person whose skin color is discriminated against.

    That is me being honest. :shrugs:

    Hope it causes no offense. :flowers:
  5. I totally agree.

    Though it seems that many (maybe most!) of the people on this thread disagree, I actually think that Disney's lack of racially diverse characters, particularly protagonists, is truly problematic. I don't know that I think that Disney did it on purpose, to racially discriminate, but I *do* think that they have a responsibility to have more racially diverse protagonists. Maybe it isn't different from movies that are produced by mainstream media (how many movies are filmed in or feature Africa or the Middle East and have white protagonists?), but I don't think that makes it better or excusable.

    Anyway, when I was a kid I looooved Cinderella and daydreamed all the time about being her and living in her castle. It wasn't until much later that I realized that not all little girls got that luxury or were able to grow up/live almost totally unaware of racial or ethnic issues.

  6. I think a lot of the disney movies are really old, and no different from other movies from those days. The newer movies are much more different. Eg, ratalouile, the woman is a great chef...and in pirates of the Caribbean ms. elizabeth never waits for anyone to save her. I think it changes with the times.
  7. I just saw a movie about Disney in my culture and gender Communications classes. A lot of points were made already, but I've found Arial is also a bad example because she had to use her body to lure the man because she had no voice. Everything can be argued for and against, but I think it is all a matter of opinion.
  8. ^ that was brought up too

    thanks all for the opinion.

    even though i know what i should write about "matter of time" but still an interesting question to know since im onr NEVER THOUGHT and never will- but hope they will have more variety of characteristics.
  9. this is the exact video i watched
  14. We've talked about the effects of when the movies were made but we also have to consider when the story was written... some of these movies are based on much older fairy tales.

    Personally, I just like my disney films and I don't analyze them too much. I have lots of movies I watch when I want to analyze something so I've never really thought of any of the disney movies in depth. It is definitely an interesting debate because, as was said, EVERYTHING can be argued for or against.