Disney teaches Kids to discriminate...

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  1. what do you think about that?

    i have an essay to write and it is either Agree or disagree

    to be honest, i've never think ( and still dont believe) such things when i watch their movies/shows.
    i just enjoy it.

    we watch a documentary video about a lot of professors agree and upset about Disney.
    they gave example like:
    _ why beautiful women in disney movies always have that NICE figures: long legs,small waist....
    _ why women in disney movies always be portrayed as feminine...
    _ why main characters always has good looking.
    _ why only the MAN protecting/rescue his woman.

    1 more example they gave was using "minority group" (hispanic, black....) to dub for bad characters, so when kids hear that kind of accents, they think those people are bad....

    and more

    have any of you experienced that w your kids?

    and what's your opinion about it

    i really appreciate your inputs

  2. I'm also concerned about why there's almsot no Dinsney Princess's w/ a birth Mother?

    Cinderalla - evil step-Mom
    Belle & Snow White - no Mom; Jasmine too?
    Bambi's Mom was shot. . . .

    sorry, OT!:shame:
  3. ive never actually thought about this.. but i dont think so... Ive watched many disney movies and shows. and the women in the disney movies aren't always feminine, for example hayley mills always seem to me tomboyish.. :shrugs:
  4. wow, you are right. ariel didnt have a mom either...
  5. lol, i know.

    it is also 1 of the problem they brought up

    cristalena56, as i said, i still dont think it does

    thanks for your thought

    everyone else, keep it up
  6. I had a German professor in college who wouldn't allow his children to watch the Lion King because the thought the Hyenas (?)-(The group of animals led by the voice of Whoopi Goldberg, sorry it's been a while since I've seen the movie) perpetuated Nazi ideology in the way that they marched and sang, etc etc.

    Honestly, I don't know why.... but I do believe there's some reason why Disney perpetuates the sterotypes you mentioned.
  7. that was said too. something like:
    a kid went to the mall and kinda afraid to approach a group of people because he/she heard that kind of voice and told his mom that he was scared they will hurt him....
  8. That's very odd. I truthfully do not believe that at all.

    Our society is our society. Should Disney pretend that "beautiful women" aren't good looking by most standards?

    Sometimes I think people need to step back from trying to be so politically correct all the time. It stresses everyone out when it simply is just a movie.

    One of my favorite Disney movies is Aladdin and Aladdin and Jasmine are not caucasian.
  9. Nah, I'd have to disagree... When I was writing my college thesis, regarding the media's portrayal of the war in Iraq, I had an entire chapter devoted the portrayal of Middle Easterners in American popular media... and remember citing "Aladdin" as one of the few films with a Middle Eastern protagonist.

    Moreover, if you watch the Disney movie "Mulan," it's about a girl who has to pretend to be a boy to protect her family... Likewise with "Pocahontas" being a strong Native American warrior princess... "Beauty and the Beast" was about loving someone despite his hideous outward appearance. (Sure, he turned into a sexy hunk at the end, but that's beside the point! :graucho:) ...And in "Snow White," seven of the main characters were bumbling old midgets!

    Just my two cents on the topic, but I'd have to disagree on the topic... I think Disney movies are (and are meant to be) entirely benign...

  10. i just want to add in about aladin, they said that WHY DISNEY used WHITE/AMERICAN ACCENTS for aladdin and jasmine but didnt use ARAbian accents like other characters in that movie.
    again, why cant foreigners be good

    i just went crazy and up set when they have to raise such problems.
  11. Yeah, I've heard all those points before. I grew up with Disney, but it did teach that little black girls were marginal. My parents love the place (I'm pretty sure they went to Disney World on their honeymoon), especially my dad, and I have, always. When I was a little kid and they were taking us there all the time, I associated it with fun and family, but as a black woman today, I do kind of hate the fact that the only movie about Africa contained animals and no humans! Now, I wasn't really into Disney Princesses and that girly stuff, but when I got to be a young adult I was annoyed that there was never a black Disney Princess. I mean, you had Pocahontas (Native American), Mulan (Asian), Ariel, Jasmine, etc. but never a black one, and probably by design. Now they have the Frog Princess, and a few years ago, Brandy as a live-action Cinderella, but it's not much at all...Disney excluded us for a long time. Little kids notice this kind of thing--I have little cousins who are all, "Why are all the Disney princesses white?" LOL I explained that they weren't ALL white, just most of them. But my love of Disney is more of the parks and the rides, not the toys and movies. And I don't have little kids, so...you know. But I'm still looking forward to see what they do with the newest black Disney Princess, although the cartoon has not been without controversy already. For some people I know, even that is too little, too late.
  12. thanks for your inputs
  13. You could argue that they used to, but they're getting much better these days.
  14. well, I have to say I agree with the discrimination a little bit. Especially if you view the old black and white cartoons or any of their cartoons in the 30's and 40's. Ethnic stereotypes are all over the place. As far as modern cartoons, they do seem to be stuck with the idea of beauty being this unrealistic perfect body image. As for the fairytales, Disney didn't write alot of them. You can blame the brothers Grimm and others for perpetuating the damsels in distress cliche.
    perhaps you can pick an era of their films and focus on the themes of that particular time?
  15. This is a good point. I think you have to consider Disney movies on a broader range, and not just the princesses, which by definition means that they are very dainty and sitting around waiting to be rescued. Such as Pirates of the Caribbean, no delicate Elizabeth standing in the background to Will.

    But even the Disney Princesses have changed over time from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, think of Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle, etc. These are all very independent women and brave characters. I even think Cinderella is a good role model. You do the best that you can with what life gives you, stay positive, and hopefully good things will come.

    As for being good looking and skinny, that's just Hollywood in general, not specifically Disney.